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Hey guys how're you?

Words: 2,270

Third Person's Point Of View

Waking up the next day with a pain in his neck and shoulder, Luke got up and realized he fell asleep weirdly and sighed. He looked at the time and saw it was just 6:45 AM and he had to get up for school right now if he wanted to be on time, everyone was already out of the house. He got up and got into the shower, after showering he got out a white V neck shirt and black skinny jeans. He ran downstairs brushing his teeth and putting his shoes on, put some egos in the toaster and spit his toothpaste into the sink and washed his face and the sink. The egos popped up and he immediately started eating it and grabbed his backpack, quickly looking up at the time and sprayed himself with is cologne and deodorant, running out the door and got to walking to school. He picked his phone out of his back pack and started playing music just loud enough so he could hear it. He sighed and walked to Calum's and told him to come out. As Calum was taking forever, Luke looked over to see the moving van still there. He saw a man come out then scream into the door.

"I better not see this house dirty when I get home from work, or else you will be sorry your sorry ass was ever born, Michael!" He slammed the door roughly after that, then looked at Luke with a grim face and pushed past him. He rolled his eyes and waited for Calum, groaning when he still hadn't come out. He was about to start walking when Calum strolled out eating something his mom probably gave him. 

"Let's go dude! We're gonna be late." Luke said and pulled him along, hearing another door open but not stopping, in fear the duo would be late. 

Michael on the other hand, was just making his way out the door, slightly limping from falling a bit when his father pushed him. It didn't hurt, it would just cause a little limp in him that would probably be okay in a few hours. He shut the door and locked it,fixing his maroon colored skirt and black shoulder shirt, then ran down the steps, excited to start this day that was new and he'd be at a new school. He started walking and following his maps on the phone he found when he moved in. It was still connected and everything, so he was surprised to find it empty completely. He was grateful but didn't know how to use it except to try to remember what it was on other people's phones and stuff. He looked into it and ended up going the fast way and sat down outside. He looked up to see a boy there as well, with brown hair and hazel green eyes. The boy looked up and smiled at Michael, earning a shy smile in response.

"Hi! I don't think I've seen you here before, my name is Ashton, and you are?" He looked at Michael with a nice smile.

"Michael, my name is Michael!" Michael said smiling, hoping he'd actually have a friend this time in a new school.

Ashton smiled at Michael and nodded, offering his hand out to shake. Michael smiled gratefully and took his hand and shook it. 

"Who do we have here?" A boy said and kissed Ashton's cheek. 

"This, is Michael and he's a new friend of ours. Where's Luke?" Ashton asked Calum, kissing him quickly.

"Oh he said he had to go to his locker then get to class early to talk to the teacher, something about his grades and how they have to get better. Shame, he would've probably loved Mikey." Calum said and smiled over at the boy who was playing with his sweater paws. The bell rang signaling the first class to start. 

Michael was completely lost and looked at his schedule and was confused with the classes. Calum saw how confused the kitten looking boy was, and helped him with the classes, surprised that they had most of their classes together. 

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