Chapter 16

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Maya up top :)

To knock, or not to knock.

That was the question circling through my brain as I stood in front of the Reed residence front door.

One of two things would happen once I walked through that door.

The first and most likely occurrence would be that I would be fired.

We had both crossed the line; no, we both hurdled miles and miles across that invisible and yet pertinent line. The most conceivable plan of action would be to take the temptation of it ever happening again away.

Me being the temptation in this case.

The other, unlikely second option would be that we both act as if it never happened. Both of us would go on as if we never held each other like we did, like we never kissed the others lips as we did, like we never gave into the unlawful temptations.

I was almost positive option number one was going to be my only option once I knocked on the door. Yet, as I stood outside of that door, fidgeting with the ends of my shirt and trying to come up with a feasible reason to go home, the opportunity to choose when I would be forced to know what my day had in store for me was swiftly taken from me.

My head flew up, my heart jumping painfully in my chest as the front door swung open and Dominic stood in the door way.

Our stares met in a flash, an instant energy bursting between us the second we made eye contact.

The connection and the surge of energy was short lasting though as the moment following Dominic's eyes finding my own, he severed the contact, swiveling around on his heel and retreating into the house without a word.

He left the front door wide open and after a few, unsure seconds, I too made my way inside the Reed residence and followed silently in Dominic's footsteps.

Heading into the living room, I noticed Maya was nowhere in sight and fought not to curse under my breath at her absence.

Her spunky innocence would be the perfect distraction from the heavy tension looming over Dominic and I.

"Maya's upstairs."

My head snapped in Dominic's direction as he spoke for the first time since I had arrived.

He was already dressed in his uniform for work, facing away from me and securing his utility belt around his waist.

"Oh, okay," I responded, unsure of what else to say as I peered across the room at my boss. My boss that just a few days ago I had kissed and then promptly fled away from.

My boss that seemed like he was ignoring the matter completely.

Dominic spoke not another word as he shuffled around the connecting kitchen, getting everything ready for work and stuffing papers upon papers into files before shoving them into a briefcase.

"Got a lot of work today?"

"Mhm," he hummed out, still not bothering to spare me a glance.


This is so uncomfortable.

If this was how it was going to be for the rest of my employment here, it was going to be hell. We couldn't continue on this way, ignoring each other's comments and even presence, could we?

It would get better, right?

Maybe I should just bring up the kiss, apologize, and get it out of the way?

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