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A few months later.

So it's been a few months since the farm. Mom's already having a big belly. Won't take long till the baby comes. Dad's barely is barely talking at her let alone looking at her. It's hot as hell and we are still on the streets looking for a safe place. But nothing. We are traveling from house to house, from place to place but these fucking walkers are everywhere. I mean we have better things to do than killing them. 

Right now we are standing in front of the next house. I took my sword out. Dad stormed in and shot the first walker. T-Dog stabbed the second walker in the head. 

Let me tell you guys, they keep getting uglier. 

I walked in with my sword in front of me. The guys, Carl and i began to check the rooms. Making things clear.

I walked into the washroom. There was another door on the end of the room.  I took a deep breath and walked to the door. I aimed my blades at the door. 

I opened the door and suddenly there was someone pointing a arrow at my head.

I breathed out when i saw Daryl. 

He smirked and shot me a wink "gotta be quicker than that, princess"

I smirked and rolled my eyes "shut up"

Then he walked upstairs. I walked to the front door and whistled. signaling the others that it was clear. I heard the guys and Maggie coming down the stairs. Daryl plucking an owl. I rolled my eyes. 

The others walked inside. 

Everyone was sitting in the living room. Glenn sat down next to Maggie and i smiled. I leaned against the door frame. Carl walked in with two cans of Dogfood. He sat down and tried to open them. I noticed that some of us were watching Carl. I bet neither of them never expected to eat Dogfood. Dad took the can outta Carl's hand and threw it into the fireplace. 

Everyone stopped in dead tracks and looked at Dad.

T-Dog whistled and grabbed his stuff. I sighed and took my blade and my bag from Mom but she grabbed it back and gave me that look. 

Me "Mom-"

Mom gave a soft smile "Ken, it's fine"

I gave in and nodded. We began to walk out. Daryl and i were on the front. Walkers came closer and closer. 

I put my sword away and got behind Daryl on the bike. We were driving on the front. The other cars were following us.


After a while we stopped on the middle of the road. Everyone got out of their cars. I yawned and walked to Carl, helping him to watch out. The others were planing were to head next. 

I put my arms around Carl's shoulders and hugged him from behind. 

Carl chuckled "For what is that?"

Me "just missing  spending time with you"

Carl turned around and gave me a quick hug. Then he turned back on watch.

 I looked around.

Carl "Why didn't you apologize"

My head snapped in his direction "For what?"

Carl smirked"Not believing my theory"

I scoffed "Not gonna happen"

Carl "I saw you, you know, how he treated you like shit"

Me "who?"

Carl "Jason"

I froze but then shook my head "He's dead now. I'm happy about it"

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