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P.S: A lot of people said that the prologue sounds like 'Why She Fell' and maybe it does... I don't know. What I do know is that this is my story and I promise you it won't be anything like 'Why She Fell'. Just read on and you'll see :) Thanks :)

The Tables Have Turned


“We’re over,” I stated, a fake smirk on my lips. The whole school was watching me like they always did because I was the most popular girl here.

“W-what?” Alex stammered as pain filled his blue eyes.

My heart clenched uncomfortably and I felt disgusted with myself but I had to do this. I had to be a bitch to maintain my popularity. My so called friends were laughing at him along with all the heartless students.

“Do you have a hearing problem?” I snapped “I said we’re over.”

“But Hailey—” He started. Why can’t he stop? I don’t want to do this to him anymore. I tried to give him a look that told him to stop but he didn’t understand.

“Shut up, Alex. I never liked you. It was all for fun,” I lied with a straight face. Alex was the first guy I really liked. I’ve dated a lot of guys but he was different.

I clenched my fists when he looked down in embarrassment as the crowd erupted in laughter. When he looked up at me again, his eyes were filled with pain, embarrassment, and worst of all: hate.

Please don’t hate me, I silently begged. But he had every right to hate me. I was, after all, the most heartless one of them all.

He turned his back to me and walked away. I felt my heart break as I watched his retreating figure but unlike him, I was able to keep my eyes blank.

I thought it was going to be the last time I see Alex Parker, but fate has a funny way of playing with our lives, right?


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