Saviour | Ricky Horror Imagine

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Trigger warning.

Y/N's P.O.V

My heart pounded against my chest. My stomach churned. My head throbbed. Why can't this end? I've been living in this hell on earth for years, and there's exactly 463 days until I can move out, yes I've been counting. I watched my door rattle as my Dad pounded onto the other side.

"Open this fucking door!" He yelled and pounded his fists harder against the wood. I curled myself into a corner and hid my face in my knees. My Mother died when I was born, that was 16 years ago. All my life my fathers come home every night drunk and angry. He abuses me. Verbally and physically. He thinks of me as a freak because of my style and music taste. I already get Anouilh bruises from the guys at school but my Dad adds to them like his empty beer bottle collection in the living room.

"Open the door you fucking whore!" His voice echoed through the door again. I slipped my headphones in and played This Is The New Shit by Marilyn Manson. I could still hear Dads yelling through the music until it stopped. I sighed in relief and decided to go through my social media sites. I got to Twitter and smiled as I saw that Ricky Horror from Motionless in White had tweeted, Ricky means a lot to me, we haven't met, but he keeps me sane. Just hearing his stories make me smile. Good going now you sound like a stalker.

@rickyxhorror - Chris Motionless is so goth.

I giggled and typed a reply,

@yourtwittername - @rickyxhorror I could say the same to you ;3

I replied to his tweet and scrolled through my feed. After about two minutes I heard noises outside. My breathing quickened and I stood up. Dad was standing outside my window with a hammer in his hand. He smirked at me and broke the glass. I screamed and ran to the other side of my room.

"Thought you could hide away in here all night, now did you!?" He laughed and kicked me in the ribs. I fell against the wall. He has done this so many times that I barely feel any pain. He proceeded to kick me in the stomach, neck, legs and chest until he got bored and I was lying in a pool of my own blood. I watched him crawl back out the window. Once I was sure he was gone I sat up. My body ached, my breathing got heavy. I grunted in pain and crawled across the room to my phone. I turned it on and a small smile formed on my face.

@rickyxhorror liked your Tweet.

I smiled and groaned in pain as my stomach twisted, my calf cramped and the pain travelled up my leg. I quickly went to compose a new tweet.

@yourtwittername - I know I have some friends on here, please call an ambulance. Please, I need help.

I composed the tweet and shakily out my phone on the floor. I would call the ambulance myself but Dad constantly checks my phone bill to see who I've been calling, Last time he saw I called the ambulance he knocked me out and starved me for a week. Less than a minute later I got a notification.

@rickyxhorror would like to send you a message.

I quickly unlocked my phone and went into my DM's and accepted Ricky's request.

Ricky- Hey! I saw your tweet, are you ok?

My stomach felt like a cage of butterflies. How did Ricky see my tweet?

Y/N- Hey Ricky, and no I'm not..

Ricky- What happened? Where are you?

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