Fire & ice

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fire and ice. can warm you up it can set a romantic mood it can make you feel happy and bring memories back... fire...can also consume you make burn every thing you had all those memories it can make you feel so hateful and make you forget what the point to life is. cold it can keep your favourite things frozen. it can cool you down when you ill or upset.

ice...can be so cold and hard that bearly anything can get through it. it can make you so cold that you forget everything and care only about yourself and all you want is for that cold to dissapear.

fire and ice together...the fire will melt the ice but the water from the ice will put the fire together they are good together but they are also bad because they will always be fighting against each other...but who will win.


two years...two years since my parents died in that stupid car crash. two years since i last saw them alive. and the last thing i told them was i hated them. the anger has always been inside of me but since that night i let it consume me i let it rule me,control me everything i do everything i say is out pure anger and hatred and...i like it. i let my anger control me so i dont feel anything else if im full of anger and hate there is no room for anything else.

two years ago when my parents died my uncle wanted to take me in. but that would mean moving and leaving my friends and pack behind...yes pack. im a werewolf a strong one. but i told my uncle that i would be fine and that i felt better with my pack but now after my parents died i had to step up as alpha but i didnt really step up everything stayed the same the only thing that changed was i grew stronger and faster. and now after the two years everyday the hate and anger grew stronger and now i have no choice but to go to my uncle.

getting into fights with humans everyday is apparently frowned upon and after getting into 37 fights in three months i have now been kicked out of my school and am now being forced to go live with my uncle in the pack house 100miles away im not going to lie im going to miss it here in a way im going to miss my friends and the forest thats about it though.

"ash its time to leave" my bestfriend darren says leaning against my door

"yeah i know i was just thinking about stuff im gonna miss you you know" i tell him standing up "you put everything in my car?"

"yeah well i'll miss you just not your angermanagement issues and yes everything is in all you need to do now is get in the car go to your uncles behave at school and calm down you cant fuck this up"darren hugs me before we walk out my room down stairs the pack waiting in the living room

"uh most fo you hate me and i hate you too so i'll see you later"i say my voice coming out harder than i expected i walk outside about to get in my car when darren shouts.

"ash you cant just say that then walk out nobody hates you they are upset that your leaving and they think you actually hate them"darren tells me walking to my car as i slide in

"thats cause i do actually hate them darren your the only one i care about...i'll see you around"and with that i shut my car door starting it i drive off...

i watch as my uncle steps out the house with his arms crossed scowling. i sigh before stepping out my car facing him.

"you were supposed to be here last night i waited up all night"he scolds me

"yeah well i got tired and decided to stop and sleep i would have called but my battery died."i lied

"you have been here less than a minute and your already lying...what you mean to say is that you got drunk and slept with some innocent girl and didnt care enough to call"my uncle corrected me

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