Stan x reader ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling~

~Your POV~

I and Stan have been best friends forever, so your thinking that it's common for us to fight about things... WRONG!! We never fight but when we do, it usually ends with me crying. Today was one of those days but it wasn't me and was me and wendy aka his slutty girlfriend.

I caught the slut making out with a guy behind the school, so I went to tell Stan but he was lovestruck and didn't believe me, so I went to 'talk' with wendy and it ended up with me beating up wendy. Stan grabbed me off of her and said "(Y/n), how could you, you knew I loved her and you beat her up. That's it...we are no longer friends and stay away from me" he said making sure that wendy was ok.

I started tearing up, I was so angry at wendy, I walked up to her and kicked her it the face, I ran away as soon as I did it.

I ran to Kyle's house, my other best friend. I knocked on the door and kyle answers, he sees me and began to comfort me. I told him everything, he listened and didn't say a word until I finished speaking. He held me in his arms while I cried into his chest, I soon feel asleep.


I open my eyes and look around, I remembered I was at Kyle's house, I saw kyle in the kitchen making warm cocoa. He walked in and gave me a cup, I slowly drank, "So how are you feeling?" Kyle asked

"Ok I guess, is better than yesterday. But I don't know what to do" I said

"(Y/n), Stan is a person that falls in love easily but he always falls in love with the wrong person, how about you and me try something?" he said smirking

I raise my eyebrow confused, "Kyle we are not murdering someone" I said

"No, I mean to make him jealous, me and you will fake date and we will see if he likes you or not" I blush really hard

"o-ok let's do it," I said.

I and kyle walked to the bus stop and we were holding hands, Stan looked at us. He was clearly jealous, but he didn't say anything so kyle gave me a kiss on the check. Stan was about to break until the bus came, we hopped on the bus.

Stan went to sit next to wendy and me and Stan sat beside them, kyle put his arm around my waist and I put my head on his shoulder. Stan is eyeing us, "(Y/n) I love you," kyle said which made me blush, Stan was pissed.

"Kyle, can you shut the fuck up Jesus and (y/n) your not worth kyle," he said, his words stuck my heart, I began tearing up. Kyle stood up and slapped stan.

"Stan you piece of shit, (y/n) loves you dearly but because your with someone that don't love you and cheats behind your back, you would do anything in the world for her. Stan, me and (y/n) are not dating we only did this to make you jealous, it obviously worked" he said sitting back down, helping me calm down.

When we got to school, I was still crying and I didn't want to go into school, "kyle thank you so much, for sticking up for me, I'm so over Stan... he's a dickhead" I said calming down a bit

"well...can we go out for real because I like you," he said blushing and I blushed and nodded (plot twist!!) He grabbed my hand and walked into school.

~Stan's POV~

What I said the (y/n) was really uncalled for, I bet she hates me now. I'm such an idiot, I love (y/n) and wendy it's confusing....I've lost my best friends. Well, at least I'm with wendy..ready?.

~5 years later~

I'm sitting at the back of the church, watching (y/n) marry kyle, I messed up and here is my consequence. I should have listened (y/n) because she was right and I was wrong... Wendy was cheating on me. I now have to suffer, the same way (y/n) suffered...

~sorry if there are spelling mistakes~

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