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Hey guys, it's Akemi!

Well, if you applied to the competition just passed, you would know I'm a huge sucker for anime themed books! As an avid reader, I'd like to give an overview of your work!

So, I started this review service. And, it's pretty cheap. All you have to do is read and comment 5 chapters of my book (on the the profile EternalDawning) and follow the account. I just like seeing what readers think :)

I will and do check.

To get this service, that's all you have to do! And, fill in the form. But, be aware that I won't accept any Vampire, Werewolf or Fanfiction. Well, only fanfiction that is One Piece, Diabolic Lovers, Vampire Night and Detective Conan I won't accept. Everything else is fine.

Books with anymore than 30 chapters will not be reviewed in full. Keep in mind that if you have VERY LONG CHAPTERS, I will read less. If you're curious, 6000+ word chapters are concidered long.

Book title:
Series (only add if you are entering a fanfiction):
Age rating:

Difficulty? What's that?

That is how harshly you want me to review your book. If you choose for me to be my most strict, you may regret it. I can be very harsh. But, if you choose for me to be nicer, I will be! I'm not that bad :3

Then again, a while ago, I got in trouble after posting a harsh review... The person asked me to be 'the most intense possible' so I was. Unfortuneately, that got me reported by said person. I lost my account after that (;-;)

Oh well. Their loss ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, I have the right to reject your story. So don't complain if your book isn't done. For this to happen, you must irritate me beyond belief, which is pretty hard to do.

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