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The growl turned into a small chirp the ball was an egg. It quietly called out for help in getting out but its carrier didn't respond back like she should so it tried to stretch out feeling restricted in a space too small. The hatchling began to widen the crack using its head it began to push. It's head and neck pushed through the crack out through a small gap in the crystals the hatchling took its first look at the world but saw nothing as it was too dark. The hatchling chirped louder trying to call it's carrier but no response again. The hatchling tried to force it's neck further out but the gap was too small so the hatchling began to chew the crystals trying to enlarge the gap and hole.
The hatchling had razor sharp teeth and with time broke the crystals out of it's way it wiggled nearly all the way out but got stuck halfway the hatchling tried to pull itself forward but it was stuck the newborn hatchling began to panic and squawk in discomfort of crystals digging into its side. The hatchling dung it's front claws into the metal table and pulled it's body but ended up dragging the lump along the table getting close to the edge but the hatchling couldn't see the height the table was. With a few pulls the dragon tumbled over the edge with a squeal still attached to the crystal.

Optimus POV
There was a loud crash still groggy from a poor recharge I sat up as I heard another crash.
What on earth was ratchet doing. I ran to medbay thinking he was begin attacked to only crash into ratchet.
"What in the name of primus was that?" Ratchet groaned.
"An intruder." I say gravely then we draw our weapons splitting up to search each room of the base but nothing. Just the medbay left rachet unlocked the door opening it wide then switched on the light.
The room was a mess things knocked over and shattered crystals lined the floor.
"What do you suppose did this?" I ask the medic. He was already picking up the metal ball turning it in his servors to show a large hole it was hollow.
"I should of ran those test after we got it here." Ratchet growled scaning the room taking in the damage.
We froze at the noise coming from under one of the large medbay berths.
"We lift and throw bed away." I tell ratchet we get into position.
"Now." I order and the berth is gone.
What's under stuns us. The creature is a tiny predacon which stared at them for a second then began to squawk and hiss then bolted for the next berth but ratchet blocked it's path so it skidded then ran further into the room but was trapped into a corner.
The predacon hissed and snarled raising it's tiny wings trying to make its self look bigger before making false lunges towards as a defensive display.
"What is it?" Ratchet asked as he kept his weapon trained on the small hissing bot.
"Stand down, it's a predacon hatchling we're scaring it back off." We lower our weapons taking a step back.
"Predacons are huge and extinct what would one be doing here on earth." Ratchet mummers.
"That is question for later for now we need to calm the hatchling down before it attacks us in fear." I say ratchet scoffs.
"And how do you propose we do that." I got down on my knee holding out a servor slowly.
"Easy little one." I quietly say it stops hissing but begins squawking repeatedly calling out cowering away.
"It's calling for it's carrier. I hope we don't  have to deal with an full grown predacon if this is the damage of a tiny one." Ratchet complains.
"Get some low grade energon it might calm down quicker on a full tank." The hatchling lunges at my servor nipping it I pull it away in shock.
"Ahh, you have quite the bite." The small bot hissed spreading it's small silver wings out. Ratchet passed a cube over.
"You must be hungry here." I held out the cube and the hatchling chirped low then snatched it out of my hand spilling it over the floor the hatchling sniffed it before turning it's head away from it whipping the cube of what didn't spill across the room.
"I guess it doesn't like it." Ratchet snorted. The hatchling crept along the edge of the wall slowly, hissing until it got to a small crystal of energon and began to chew it keeping its optic on us.
"Raw crystals, Optimus stop it. The raw energon will harm a sparkling's systems." Ratchet said panicked. The hatchling finished the crystal expelling a burp and small sparks.
"The hatchling is a Predacon they must feed on raw crystals it would explain why the egg was discovered in an energon mine." I say quietly. The hatchling squawked as us edging forward in challenge.
"Easy, we won't harm you." The predacon squawk looking around upwards.
"It's calling it's carrier again." Ratchet said panicked.
"If it has been in the mine for some time it may have no carrier. There is the possibility that the egg has been there since Predacons roamed cybertron." I said to ratchet the hatchling squealed at me then began chirpping.
"Impossible an egg couldn't remain dormant for that amount of time." Ratchet argued. I lowered my servor the hatchling approached slowly raising it's neck looking for something before nugging it then jumped back hissing. It then returned nugging me again.
"Nervous little thing." She growled turning which caught my optic on a small embedded piece of crystal in its side.
"The hatchling is injured." Ratchet comes closer scaning the creature.
"The crystal shard needs removing hold it still while I pull it out." I pick up the small creature it growled and snapped at me not liking being restricted.
"Be still." I tell the hatchling.
"She is strong for just hatching." Rachet said 'she'?
"A femme?" Ratchet nods and pulls the crystal out and the femme wailed and buried it's head into my chest plating. Energon trickled out of the wound her anatomy was more techno organic the thin organic membrane lined her wings like a silver film. She remained still as ratchet repaired the damage.
"I need to study her, her systems are different in some aspects due to the more techno organic structures a live predacon primus what next." Ratchet began as the hatchling yawned showing many rows of sharp teeth before shifting closer to my chest.
"Not right now let her recharge." I look to the berth left standing.
"Don't even think about it she has done enough damage tonight keep her in your room she seems more comfortable with you I won't be cleaning up any more mess." I chuckle so much for being the leader.
I take spare blankets then head to my room inside it was bare just a berth and table with a lamp. I made a bed on the floor for her to prevent her from falling off the berth. She wakes at being lowered I lay on my own berth but she begins to jump squawking in protest. So I bring her up she curls herself into a ball on my chest and began to purr with her settled I also fell into recharge.

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