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Sorry for the extremely short chapter. I just had to leave off with a cliffhanger...

Louis was at a loss.

He rang his Mum and sisters, only to find out that Mila hadn't gone to their place either. Freya hadn't heard from her, nor did Jennifer. Harry still wasn't answering his phone.
Several hours ago, Louis hadn't thought that things could've possibly gotten worse. Apparently, they could. And they did.

Louis - Ok I get it.. u weren't at Clints. Please tell me where u are before I file a missing persons on you.

Mila - You went to Clintons?!?!?

Louis - yes. more of that later. where r u

Louis sighed in relief when Mila sent him an address. Apparently, she'd ran off to a girl named Anette's house. Even though she had her car, Louis insisted that he drive behind her back to the flat to ensure that she didn't run off somewhere else.
Anette lived in an actual house, unlike the rest of them.

How old was she..?
The house was on a hill in the outskirts of Tucson, outside of a typical neighborhood setting. It was dark outside, so Louis was unable to see the details of the rather large home.

Louis - How old is she? Damn.

Mila - She lives with her parents.
Makes sense.
Louis parked in the freakishly long driveway, behind Mila's Honda Accord. She stumbled into view from the garage, her arm tightly clutching her purse as she thrust open her car door, waving her hand to indicate that Louis should start driving.

Louis - do you want to grab food? Im starved.

Mila - Ellie's diner?

Louis - read my mind x
Louis followed closely behind Mila, his rearview mirror vibrating from the loud rap music he played. Harry wasn't a fan of Lil Wayne and Rae Sremmurd like Louis was, so he typical only listened to them on his own.

"I'm starving, but I don't think I can even eat." Mila announced, her eyes scanning the menu. She reread the dinner section three times before dropping the plastic menu dramatically onto the table.
"You need to. Otherwise you'll collapse." Louis replied, his gaze glued to the menu. "I think I want the chicken parmesan."
"Are you two ready to order?" The waiter appeared. He was young, seventeen at most, with dirty blonde hair that hung in his eyes.
"Yeah," Louis began.
"I'll take the breaded chicken parm with a baked potato and green beans." He folded up the menu delicately and set it at the end of the table.
"Standard cheeseburger, medium, with swiss cheese and everything on it." Mila ordered.
"Should we try calling Harry again?" Louis whispered when the waiter shuffled away with our orders.
"Maybe in the morning. I've given up hope." Mila shrugged. "I just hope he's okay."
"Me too."

The two of them drove back to the flat with full bellies. Halfway through the ride, Louis felt his chest tighten at the thought of Harry scared and alone. Where the ruddy hell was he?
"Do you work tomorrow?" Louis questioned, locking his vehicle as he jammed his key into the front door.
"Yeah at noon." Mila replied. "They won't be upset with me for calling off today, will they?"
"Course not. I'm practically the entire management." Louis reassured as he thrust the door open, the flat illuminated with light. "I could've swore I turned the light off..."
"You always do." Mila observed.
"Guess its just one of those days."
They filed into the apartment, Louis tossing his keys onto the kitchen counter ad Mila set down her purse on the table.
It was then that they realized they were not alone.
A tall figure emerged from the guest bedroom, the sound of a toilet flushing in the background as they cleared their throat rather loudly.
"Ello, mates. Where've you been?" Harry chirped, running a hand through his overgrown curls.

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