King Chris

I look down at the pills in my hands and tossed them in my mouth as I threw my head back. I had a booming head ache since the minute I woke up. I glanced up at the cook as she slid me the tray of breakfast with a grin on her face. I thanked her slightly and carried the tray back to my room where Natalia was wrapped in the sheets as she snuggled onto the pillow in the middle of the bed. I chuckled and placed the tray down on the edge of the bed before tapping her feet twice.

"Wake up, babygirl."

"Hm?" She hummed as she stretched. I watched admiring her morning glow. "Good morning," She grinned.

"Hungry?" I asked sliding the tray infront of her. She looked down at the berry topped waffles with a side of bacon and hash browns and a mimosa.

"Starving, actually." She licked her lips as she bit into a piece of bacon. I chuckled and kissed her temple as she ate, a part of me wanting to savor every moment. Because after tonight, nothing will ever be the same. "Your not going to eat with me?"

Natalia asked as I walked into the bathroom, "Nah I already did." I replied taking a piss.

"Wow this is really good. You made this?" Natalia moaned out in delight. I chuckled and sat back on the bed, laying my back against the headboard.

"Nah. I hired a chef." I mentioned running my hand down her bare back which the sheet failed to cover. Natalia raised her eyebrow and laid next to me, wrapping her arms around my torso. We laid here in completely silence until she spoke up.

"Is something wrong?" She asked. It definitely was but I couldn't tell her for all the right reasons. She was quite skeptical asking me and one could only assume what she thinks may be the problem. So I simply brush the questions off.

"Eat up. We got a lot of plans for today."

She nodded and sat up, continuing to eat. As she finished up her plate, I got dressed and even laid out her clothes for her to wear. I've tend to be controlling but that's just a mans job. Women like Natalia take 30 minutes alone to put an outfit on. Or she would question me about the scenery of the place until I'm fully dressed then she gets dress last minute. This time being I had on a black long sleeve shirt with cargo shorts.

"I like seeing you in normal clothes." Natalia smiled as she walked in the bathroom behind me.

"Normal?" I chuckled.

"Yeah." She snickered walking up to my frame that towered over her. "Those suits make you seem so uptight. But these," She ran her hands up my arms. "These tattoos tell me otherwise."

"What do they tell you?"

"That your young. But also how care free you are with your body. You don't live off of mistakes you live off of excitement. Something I had no clue about until these past couple of weeks." She mentioned, wrapping her arms around my neck planting small kisses.

I shoved her a little, "Get dressed, ma." She groaned.

"Why can't we just stay here?" She whined.

"Because your going to want to see this," I assured. She dramatically rolled her eyes and began to jump into the shower. As she was in the shower I checked in with the Dollhouse and surprisingly absolutely no drama is going on.

"I'm ready." Natalia spoke coming from the bathroom, dressed in a white v-neck, black shorts and black and white high top vans. I nodded and placed my phone in my pants pocket and followed her outside to the jeep. Once we both got in, I drove us to our destination.

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