Went you guys meet each other

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You were a transfer student to Japan and you studied at  Iwatobi High.When you were walking around the school and a pool.You went over there and saw how clear the water was.You open your shoe and sock and put your feet in the pool."*moans*So warm and relaxing you say and keep enjoying the warm water.

"What are you doing over here and who are you?"spoke a voice.You were shock and look at the back.There was a blue-black hair boy with blues eyes.'Wow, his eyes are so calm and beautiful' you say to yourself.You realized that you didn't even answer his question yet."M-my name is (Y/N) (L/N) and I was just take a dip in the pool" you answer his question.

He look at you and went to the changing room.'Huh?!?! That was rude!' you say to yourself. A few minitues later, he came out with his swimming suit and dive in the pool and all the water spread at you."Hey!!!" you say and look at your clothes. '*sigh* Mom is not gonna like this' you say to your self.

You were about to get up, suddenly, the blue-black hair boy gave you a towel and his school jacket."Here you go, you can return it went ever you want and by the way, my name is Haruka Nanase. Call me haru and drop the '-chan'" he says. You were shock and smile,"Nice to meet you Haru".

You take you bags and wear you shoes and socks. "Well, Haru got to go! Bye! And thanks for the jacket" you say and run toward your home. 'Hmm...maybe he is not that bad' you say to yourself.

Last week, you were move to Japan because you wanted to live with your grandparents because you were sick sitting with your aunt.She always feed you some nasty food or not - so - delicious food. (Me: ;-;) You were pretty excited and can't wait to look at the sakura. As you were walk around the neighbourhood, you saw a cat. You vend down an play with it.

"Eh? Seem like that cat likes you" spoke a voice. You were shocked and look who was talking to her. You saw an oliver green hair boy with green eyes, he was smile at you. You have to admitted that he is one looking guy (Me: (o´▽'o) <( ̄︶ ̄)> (^• ω •^))

"Umm...I guess so you reply."Hey are you new here?"he ask."Yup....last week, I just moved here and tomorrow, I'm going to Iwatobi High " you reply."Wait, you go to I way obi High?!?!? Same goes as me!!!"he say."O-ohhh, then can you show me the way?"you ask."Sure, my name is Makoto Tachibana and what's yours?"Makoto ask."My (Y/N) (L/N)"."Ooo that's a pretty name. Well I got to go now, see you tomorrow and meet me at the sea shore " he say and left you alone.'Well looks like I make my Fisrt friend you say to yourself while smile.

You work part time at 'Sweet Treasure Cafe'.After you parents death, you were suppose sitting with you grandfather but you want to learn how to leave yourself. So, you grandfather rent an apartment. You were happy tho.

You were standing at the cashier and the door bell rings.You saw the blonde hair boy with pinkish eyes.'Wow, he's cute ' you say to yourself. He was look at the delicious cake. "Hello sir, how can I help you?"you ask."Can I have the strawberry cheese cake, please?"he ask. You smile and reply,"Sure".

You when to get the strawberry cheese cake and cut in one piece and put in a box. You tie a red robin around the box and gave it to him. "Here you go" you say. He smile and paid and says "Thank you and by the way did I know you somewhere?"he ask. "Ummm....I don't know but I studied at Iwatobi High" you reply. "Hey that's where I studied to so that's why I know you somewhere".You giggle a bit and introduce yourself, "My name is (Y/N) (L/N) and your?"."I'm Nagisa Hazuki"."Oooo...what a cute name " you reply with a smile. Nagisa ' s  cheecks was red a bit. "Well, better get going. I see you at school " he says. "Ok, jaa ne (it's mean bye in english) Nagisa-kun"you reply and get back to your work.

You were great at playing violin and piano. All the boys was fall for you because you know how to play violin and piano, you have a perfect voice and some says that you have perfect body (Me:If you don't have perfect body, just pretend kay?) and also, people thought you were happy with your life but....they were wrong because after your mother die after gaving birth at you (Me:If you guys still a mother pls pretend but if you don't have and I'm *really* sorry🙇🙇🙇).Your father blames at you and he always a pusher at you.He want you to become like your mom, play violin or piano perfect, sings perfect and get perfect scores and you were stress with all of this.You wish that your father won't be pusher at you.

Your were at the library and studying maths. You were having problems with question number two. "May help you (Y/N)-san?"some voice just ask. You look up and saw a boy with purple hair and purple eyes and wearing red flames glasses. You smile and reply,"Ooh, yes please". The two you spend the day at the library until you got a text from your father.

"Oh, looks like I have to go" you say and pack your things. "Oh, it was fun doing studying with you" he said."Yup you too...Umm I'm sorry, what is your name?"you ask."My name is Rei Ryugazaki and you must be (Y/N) (L/N)"he says."Oh, it was nice to meet you. I see you around bye rei-kun"you say and left the library.

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