Chapter 1

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My daughters shall know how to behave in a battlefield
My daughters shall be fearless
My daughters shall answer to no man but me
Blood of my blood

Ares said as he cut his hand with a dagger with the intention of using his blood to procreate. He grabbed and gave the shape of two babies to an average cloud and in a matter of seconds they were alive. As his first born daughters took their very first breath he could not help but feel proud of his creation.

He placed the twin baby girls in a basket with nothing but a pair of blankets and swords that they could not hold properly just yet and placed them on the ocean completely trusting Poseidon to guide them safely to an island far from it all. A place proper to fulfill their destiny. It was all part of a prophecy, their very existence would play a very important role years from that day.

Poseidon calmed the waters and made sure the infants arrived as he promised.

As soon as the basket met with the shore. The girls were not babies anymore but the height of an average six year old kid.

Ares's daughters came out of the basket, took their few belongings and walked into the wilderness with a smile on their faces while holding hands. Not worried or scared for a second.

And so it all began.

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