Part 1 Bye Bye Yesterday

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Lucy's mind was foggy and dark, though there was a tunnel of light showing. She took steps toward the light.....images from her time with Fairy Tail playing over.

She watched as Natsu crept into her empty bed, pull the covers back and lay his body down, tugging the covers back over him. I don't remember this. Blond brows scrunched in confusion. Why would Natsu climb into her bed if she wasn't even in it? That's when Lucy looked closer at the pinkette.

This Natsu wasn't like her Natsu. This one had dark circles, limp spikey hair, and even looked thinner than from what she remembered. His clothes were wrinkled and torn in several places. Though that didn't surprise her; after all, if it weren't for her making sure his clothes were wrinkled and torn free he'd walk around with barely anything on.

None of those observations were what caught her attention. No, what did was his eyes. Usually, they were near pitch black- they had flecks of coffee brown- and bright; these eyes were so black the brown flecks were gone. Even that wasn't what sent her overboard. It was how hollow they were. His once so expressful eyes- so full of life- were blank as a slate, like someone had taken his emotions away. It was like he was empty; the polar opposite of how he usually was.

Whoever this Natsu was he definitely wasn't her Natsu. This one was a literal shell of who he once was.

Even though she knew it was impossible she wanted to go to her room and hug him. Possibly cry over who he had become. Anything to make him back to who he was.

Seeing this Natsu almost made her collapse in tears. The man she knew and had loved had already fallen apart. And- even though it sounded conceited- Lucy knew it was because he did not know where his partner was. Didn't know what happened to her.

That fact tipped her over the edge. Lucy's legs fell out from under her, tears running down her face. Sounds of sobs left her mouth. All she wanted was to protect her Nakama. That's all. She didn't want her best friend to fall apart.

She was jerked from her state over her best friend and partner to consciousness. A hand was clamped onto her shoulder- not hard enough to bruise her flesh, just hard enough to shake her awake. Brown eyes opened, grey filled her vision. The hand on her shoulder slid down to her bicep and pulled upright.

Grey vision was replaced with slushy grey and black lines. Lucy lifted her gaze to lock on to teal eyes. Ulquiorra stood above her, his hand still encircling her bicep.

Lucy blinked her eyes sleepily at the fourth Espada. "Whut?" She slurred sleepily. Apparently, when First told her her Bankai would reflect his own habits onto her she was not aware of how many she would receive. Not only did she eat like the oaf but had his sleeping habits. And now his refusal to wake up.

Ulquiorra P.O.V.

Ulquiorra sighed as his patience- if he had any before dealing with his captive- dwindled to nothing. Lord Aizen had adjourned their meeting a few minutes before he found his charge still asleep. As she had been since yesterday.

"You are to dress in clothes provided after I am to guide to you Lord Aizen's throne. From that point on you are to remain in adjoining sleeping quarters in my own. You are to remain near me at all times if you refuse any orders and your own responsibilities than I will be forced to make you do them. Get dressed." He turned to face the opposing corner. He heard rustling followed by several curses. Had Ulquiorra been anyone but himself he would have smiled. Alas, he did nothing but try to tamper his temper.

Lucy P.O.V.

Ulquiorra's words wound twice through her mind before she registered the words Forced and Make. She did not know if those were directed at her putting on appropriate clothing or not, but she was not going to test his orders.

Instead, Lucy threw off her soul reaper robes in exchange for clothing similar to Ulquiorra's. The hakama in her hands was what threw her off. She never had any need to wear them, though she figured they were like pants.

Once those were one- though a bit loose on her waist- she moved on to the top. The top was more jacket like than an actual top, however, it was part of her clothes so she had no choice but to put it on. It zipped up until the zipper caught on her chest. Right below her bust line, the zipper popped off. The piece of metal hit Ulquiorra in the back of his head. Lucy blushed.

Ulquiorra's P.O.V.

Something hit him in the back of his head. Ulquiorra turned his head around to address the issue. To those who knew him would easily point out his slightly widened eyes, and slight- very slight- pink in his cheeks. His charge was not one of those people.

The problem at hand was obvious; so obvious even Grimmjow could point it out. What had hit him in the head was the zipper from his charges jacket. He had not taken into proportion his charges rather large bust when giving her his own clothing; none of the female Arrancar had clothing that would fit. A small mistake on his part.

As if Lord Aizen bore witness to Ulquiorra's error his charges zipper unzipped. With the metal clasp broken - and his own inability to repair such a thing- there was no possibility of repairing the item. And he had no jacket top in a slightly larger size. That left one of two options: 1.) He could ignore her complaints and take her as is to Lord Aizen. Or 2.) He could gather one of his fellow Espada's jacket tops.

Both options had equal outcomes. Either way, she would find a way to complain about something. He went with the first option. Gin or Tosen could gather her more appropriately sized clothing. Ulquiorra faced the door. "Put on the shoes and we shall go. Later I will have someone else require appropriate clothing for you. Until then bear with it." He turned to open the door, his ears picking up a squeak and sounds of scrambling after him.

Lucy P.O.V.

Lucy had just blushed when Ulquiorra took her in. If she had to guess the clothes she was wearing were his, they seemed to fit someone of his frame. Definitely not someone with a frame like hers.

As if Mavis were watching what was already an embarrassing situation turned into one of nightmare proportions. The zipper on her jacket unzipped as she took in a breath. Luckily it stayed relatively in place over her breasts. It was all about the small miracles.

She sighed as she heard Ulquiorra drone on about appropriately sized clothes. Not that she was complaining, no one had tried anything on her as of yet. Once again she had to run his words through her mind a second time. When that door opened she dashed after him, pulling on the weird shoes as she went.

With shoes on and one hand clasping the jacket together- when she ran to catch up to him it had flapped open, giving anyone a full view- the other clenched around the back of Ulquiorra's jacket. She did not want to get lost in this building.

After a few more twists and turns, Ulquiorra paused in front of a door that was twice the size of the other doors. This must be where Aizen is. Lucy took a deep breath in and steeled her nerves. She would not buckle, would not easily bow down to this person who wanted her. That she was sure of. When that door opened she would be harder than Gajeel's iron, colder than Grey's ice- yet she would burn everyone who spoke to her with a tone of defiance.

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