Ch. 9 Daddy's Home

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I’m in a pitch black room with nothing but the shine of the luminous moon. I hear a slight creak in the floor boards and turn around, my chest pounding. I see a slight whip of short brown hair pass the light for no more than a millisecond.

“Who’s there,” I call out.

No one answers; you could only hear the heavy pants of my breathing and the distant howling of the wind.

“I know your there.”

I focus my eyes attempting to get used to the darkness when I notice a faint light surrounding a big oak door. What’s inside?


I can feel my heart beat going faster as my adrenaline continues to get pumped up. Suddenly I hear a loud bang.

“I know someone’s there, I can hear you!”

I hear the shakiness in my voice. As I go down the creepy hallway, I can’t but notice dark shadows on the walls. What are they?

Then it comes to me, pictures!

I squint at the tiny wooden frames on the dark green walls and take notice of a mother, about 36, with light brown hair and dark green eyes and a warm, but distant smile on her face, then a  father with a heavy dark brown mustache and nothing but pure evil in his eyes, and finally a little boy.

Just as I’m about to walk away something draws me back to the child. Maybe at first glance he looked like any other young child but there was something about him that felt familiar. He had the same dark hair that I’d seen before. But, that wasn’t what was drawing me to him; it was the way the boy’s eyes looked. It was how they were so dark blue, almost like the ocean, and the way they showed so much and so little at the same time, that made me feel as if there was an invisible string tying us together.

 Ugh, this is bothering me so much, I know that I have seen this person, but I can’t quite put my finger on it!

Then on the other side of the door I heard a faint whimper.


Again there is no answer.

“Ok Jamie, suck it up, go through that damn door right now!” I told myself, “It’s now or never.”

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