✯ | chapter twenty eight

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BELLAMY LEFT TO round up the delinquents, leaving Finn, Clarke, Leila and Raven in the drop-ship. Finn and Clarke removed one of the panels from the floor and jumped down amongst the wires, intending on finding the power source.

Raven sat tinkering with some wires when suddenly Clarke's voice echoed through the underside of the drop-ship. "Finn, do you see it over there?"

"No," Finn yelled, as Leila watched Raven slowly cease her tinkering.

"Raven, we can't find the ignition system," Clarke called. "Raven?"

"Raven, are you okay?" Leila asked, approaching the brunette, who sounded close to crying when she spoke.

"I can't feel my legs," she called shakily.

"Okay, hold on, we're coming," Clarke shouted, appearing through the hole in the floor and crawling towards Raven. "Okay, let me see."

Kneeling on Raven's other side, opposite Clarke, Leila helped the brunette lean forwards so Clarke could take a look at her back. Raven let out groans of pure pain as she pushed herself forwards with difficulty.

Clarke lifted her t-shirt to reveal extensive purple brushing on the base of Raven's spine. Looking at Leila, Clarke sent her friend a worried glance. Raven caught on and gasped.

"That bad, huh?' she said in an almost joking tone.

Clarke helped her sit back and looked her directly in the eye. "Raven... the bullet's in your spine. You're bleeding internally."

"We better do this fast then, huh?" she said, brushing off her fear and concern to help the group. "Get back down there."

Clarke made to get up but Finn stopped her. "What if we could slow the bleeding? Would that help?"

"Well, of course it would help," Clarke replied. "Can you tell me how to do that?"

"The stuff the Grounder's had... coagulant," Finn started. "You said that Lincoln had some, too."

"Yeah, it's in the box with the antidote, but I–" Leila began.

"I'm betting that there's more of it in his cave," Finn said. "If I can get there–"

"Wait a second. No," Raven interrupted.

Finn sighed. "I can make it."

"Clarke," Raven pleaded. "Tell him he's being an idiot."

"Raven?" Finn whispered.

"What?" Raven snapped. "I'm not gonna let you die to save me."

"Fine," Finn breathed. "If you won't let me save you, how about we save everyone else? You're the only one who can fire the rockets. If you die, we all die. I'll be right back."

Raven looked at Leila, who was already following after Finn as he left the room. Leila nodded at Raven. "My promise stands, Raven. I'll keep an eye on him," turning after the departing boy, Leila hurried to catch up with him. "Finn, wait. Wait."

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