✯ | chapter twenty seven

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BELLAMY CAUGHT LEILA before she hit the ground, one arm wrapping around her back and the other behind her knees, pulling her body against his as he rushed to the drop-ship. By now, the blood on Leila's wrists was turning a dark scarlet colour as it began to dry, the fresh mingling with the old to create a horrific canvas on torment.

Bellamy's eyes remained on Leila as he laid her gently on the bed in drop-ship. Brushing the hair from her face, he looked down at her apologetically.

"I'm so sorry," he whispered, resting his forehead against hers gently. "I'm so, so sorry."


Her dreams became twisted not long after her eyes closed, the darkness shifting to form horrors behind her eyelids. She saw Bellamy being hanged, his body convulsing as he choked for breath; she saw her mother getting floated, the way her eyes locked on her daughter as she was sucked into space; she saw Murphy's hands roaming her body freely, not caring about the discomfort he caused; and then she saw an army of faceless people, charging towards her through a mass of bodies.

The final nightmarish vision lingered, and the longer it continued, the more it came into focus. The ground beneath Leila's feet was littered with the bodies of her friends: Clarke, Raven, Finn, Octavia, Jasper, Monty, Bellamy; and she was the only one left standing. As the Grounder army charged, she didn't turn and run. Instead, she let them come and welcomed the blades that pierced through her stomach; welcomed the blackness of death.

She jolted awake roughly, daylight breaking her out of her reverie as she squinted to avoid the brightness. Bellamy was sitting beside her, playing with Leila's fingers almost absentmindedly. Had she awoken a few seconds earlier, she would have seen him reaching to brush a strand of hair out of her face as she slept. But, as his hand inched towards her, he slowly drew it back, fearing that the simple gesture may hurt her. Her hurt her enough to cause any more damage.

Seeing her awake, he smiled slightly. "Morning, Sunshine."

"Morn–" Leila broke off when a loud groan of pain echoed through the drop-ship in which she had been sleeping. Gesturing to Bellamy, she attempted to sit up. "Give your girl a hand."

"'Your girl'?" Bellamy asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm always your girl," Leila grinned, as Bellamy helped her stand.

It was then that she felt the pain in her wrists, bringing them up to her face for fear that if she looked down she would hurl. They were heavily bandaged, dried blood already present even though they had only been applied an hour before. The bandages were thick, preventing Leila from truly witnessing the wounds underneath.

Walking over to Clarke and Finn, Leila saw Raven lying on a makeshift bed, her shirt pulled up as Clarke pressed a red-hot knife to the wound in her stomach, her hand steady. The groan of pain Raven emitted echoed through Leila's head like her brain had turned into a tin can, and she immediately wished for five more minutes of sleep.

"That should stop the external bleeding," Clarke muttered, dropping the knife into a tray.

"How did Murphy get a gun?" Finn asked.

"Long story," Bellamy replied, wrapping an arm around Leila considering that at the mention of Murphy, she stiffened, still not completely over what he did to her.

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