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Hey guys

I really love that you guys are liking this story and I love your feedback but I couldn't help but notice you guys are really hating emerald

I think some of your comments are hilarious but you gotta understand that it's only been a few weeks since Jared broke up with Emerald, she can't get over it that easily.

And blade is too afraid to tell her they are mates because they are enemies and he's afraid of rejection. He's been rejected all his life by his mom, his dad, his fate.

So don't hate the two so much just yet, because there's plenty more stuff coming soon ;) 

also, i know its kinda short but its the best i could do at a time like this. its march break so my teachers decided to ambush me with assigments. sorry guys. 

Thanks again And enjoy! 

Chapter Eight 

The first thing I did this morning was quickly get out of bed, wash my face, and put on some proper cloths.

I was at the hospital by about seven o'clock, hoping this would be a quick visit.

Jasmine saw me in the waiting room," You coming to see Jared?"

"Yeah," i answered, stepping around her.

She grabbed my arm," Its one person at a time."

And then she stepped around me and headed to his room.

Frustrated, i sat on the slippery hospital chairs, feeling every single second that passed by.

Finally, after about half an hour, a doctor approached me.

"Are you here to visit..." he paused to glance at his clipboard," Jared?"

"Yes," I stood up," is everything okay?"

"Everything's fine, but it's past 7. You can go see him."

"Yes, but Jasmine is with him. Its one person at a time, so I'm waiting for her to come back-"

"It's not one person at a time. His whole family is in there with him. He's better now."

"So I'm allowed to go in?"

"Of course."

Jasmine had lied to me. I defiantly hated her," that's okay. I think I'll be leaving. But are you sure he's fine?"

"Better than ever," the doctor smiled.

I nodded, well aware that I was running late for school," thank you."

I walked away, but not before peeking into Jared's room.

He was lying on his hospital bed, clutching Jasmine's hand while he talked to his family.

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