✯ | chapter twenty three

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TWO DAYS PASSED and eventually the camp's happy atmosphere returned as everyone recovered from the illness and became healthy once again. Leila and Bellamy had spent as much time as possible together between his guard shifts and her aiding Clarke in treating wounded delinquents.

Standing just outside the camp walls, Leila heard footsteps approaching and turned to see Bellamy stand beside her. "Anything?"

She shook her head, having been scanning the surroundings for any sign of potential Grounder attacks. "It's been two days. Maybe the bomb at the bridge scared them off for good."

"You believe that?" Bellamy asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No," Leila replied. "They're coming."

"Jasper thinks he can cook up some more gunpowder if he gets some sulphur," Bellamy explained, leading Leila away from the ridge. "And Raven says she can turn that into land mines. So, uh, be careful where you step."

"Ha. Funny," Leila mocked, her tone devoid of emotion.

"What I really need is a thousand more of her tin can bombs, so I can roll them into the village and blow those Grounder to hell," Bellamy muttered. Leila looked at him skeptically and Bellamy rolled his eyes. "That's what they wanna do to us."

"Can't believe we survived a hundred years just so we could slaughter each other," Clarke muttered from behind them, joining the conversation. "There has to be another way– hello, lovebirds."

"Shut up, Clarke," Leila sighed.

"Any word from the Ark?" Bellamy asked.

"Radio silence," Clarke replied.

"Finally ran out of air," Bellamy said, speaking the thoughts that were in all three of their minds.

Clarke nodded. "Maybe my mom and Leila's dad were lucky, being on the Exodus ship. At least it was quick."

"No one's coming down to save us," Leila spoke up, as Bellamy's arm slung over her shoulder.

Clarke nudged her. "Hey, I could use a hand."

Leila rolled her eyes, looking up at Bellamy. "See you later."

"Bye, Sunshine," Bellamy said, kissing Leila's cheek once as he said goodbye to her, watching her follow Clarke.

As the two walked away, Leila flung her arm out and around Clarke's shoulders, pulling the blonde into a hug as they walked. Bellamy shook his head with a smile on his face at how good the two of them were together; like two sides of the same coin.


"Whoa! Guys! Fire!" someone yelled, as Clarke and Leila walked through camp.

Running towards the scene, they saw that the smokehouse they had constructed to store their food had gone up in flames. Octavia and Bellamy stood to one side, the former of the pair hacking up her lungs as she choked on the smoke.

"This is all your fault!" Murphy snapped, advancing on one of the smokehouse workers known as Del. "We told you that it was too much wood!"

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