✯ | chapter twenty two

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LEILA COULDN'T TAKE the chaos as her head began to pound painfully, grabbing a rifle from inside the drop-ship and returning to the ramp, firing three shots into the air and catching everyone's attention. When everyone stopped and turned to her, they were met with a very angry teenager who looked as though she had just walked through hell and survived.

Walking down the ramp beside Clarke, Leila lowered the gun to her side, holding it as tight as she could. People watched her, fearful of the power the two girls held over them, despite their sickness.

"This is exactly what the Grounders want," Leila said tiredly. "Don't you see that? They don't have to kill us if we kill each other first."

"They don't have to kill us if we all catch the virus," a boy yelled, aiming his gun at Leila hastily. "Get back in the damn drop-ship."

Bellamy stepped forwards, wrenching the gun from the boy's grip and slamming his elbow against his nose. The boy fell to the floor and groaned, shuffling away from Bellamy, who was looking directly at Clarke and Leila. "Not to state the obvious, but your quarantine isn't working."

Clarke's body faltered as she stumbled, Finn lunging forwards to catch her. Raven's eyes widened in shock. "Finn, don't touch her!"

"Finn, lemme go," Clarke murmured. "I'm okay."

"No, you're not," Finn replied quietly, holding Clarke in his arms.

"Octavia will come back with a cure," Leila said, her own legs beginning to feel numb as she swayed slightly on the spot.

"There is no cure!" Octavia yelled, shoving her way through the crowd as all eyes turned to her. "But the Grounders don't use the sickness to kill."

"Really?" Bellamy asked, turning to point at the dead delinquents. "Tell that to them. I warned you about seeing that Grounder again."

"Yeah, well, I have a warning for you, too," Octavia said in response. "The Grounders are coming. And they're attacking at first light."

Octavia ran towards Leila, momentarily getting stopped by Bellamy, who didn't retaliate as his sister wrenched her arm out of his grasp and grabbed Leila's arm. Supporting her friend, Octavia nodded to Finn. "Come on, I'll help you get them both on the drop-ship."

Leila looked at Octavia weakly. "Thanks, O."

"If he's not sick by now, then he's probably immune," Octavia said reassuringly to Clarke, who was questioning Finn on why he couldn't stay away.

Murphy stood up and gestured to his hammock. "Come on, here, they can take mine."

Finn and Octavia helped Clarke and Leila onto the hammock, spreading the fabric wide enough to compensate for the both of them. Clarke and Leila had had countless sleepovers as children and always managed to share a bed, so this feeling wasn't new.

"What else did Lincoln tell you?" Finn asked.

"The virus doesn't last long," Octavia replied.

"It's true," Murphy spoke up. "I feel better."

"They need to stay hydrated," Clarke said, attempting to get up only to be pushed back down by Finn.

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