Chapter 5- Showing the Ropes

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Kiri's P.O.V.

      So we had a lot to think about. We had a to take in to consideration that we would have to leave our families behind but also that it was a once in a lifetime situation. For me, my decision was already made. I wanted to go. Because it wasn't like we would never see our families again. David had even said that we could. Liljana on the other hand was still undecided. In my mind she was thinking about it to much. "Come on Liljana. We have to accept."

      "What about our fimilies? Who will get food and suplies? Who will keep a roof over their heads?" Liljana asked me for what felt like the millionth time.

      Sighing I reply, "Well Juan is almost ten. We could quickly teach him the ropes and then head out. I mean I see no reason why he wouldn't help."

     "Lets make a deal then." She finally answered after minutes of pondering the suggestion. "If we can't teach Juan well enough in one day then we stay. If we succeed then we go."

      That sounded fair so I agreed then together we headed out to find Jaun and tell our families the news.


      It takes us an hour to tell our families and answer all their questions.

      "So about how long will you be gone?" my mother questioned us.

      "We aren't exactly sure. I don't think we will be back for a long time though." I answer her, head down.

      Next Liljana's mom questioned us, "What will we do when your gone?"

      "Kiri and I have talked about it and we have decided that we will teach Juan how to hunt. That is if he is willing to." Liljana replied confidently. Thankfully Juan nodded in agreement. "Lets go then!"

      Liljana and I teach Jaun how to do everything from shooting an arrow to skinning a deer. To my favor, Jaun excels at everything we teach him. He was a natural. That was a good sign for me. If he kept doing well then we would be off by morning.

      We train till about an hour before sundown then helped set up camp for the third time since we left home. The solider gave us some salted deer and a sip of water, barely enough to keep is going.

      Just as Liljana and I finish our scraps, we hear a commotion. I see Liljana look behind us so I follow suit. What I saw horrified me. There was a young girl on the ground crying, and a solider standing over her menacingly.

      "How dare you ask got more food!" the solider yelled, drawing in more curious stares. "You will eat what we give you. No more, no less. ou rlucky we feed you at all!"

      The little girl whimpered bit didn't say anything. The abusive solider booted her in the side, "understand!"

      When the little girl was kicked I felt movement beside. Turning my head I see Liljana getting her to her feet, a determined gleam in her eyes. Grabbing her ankle I hiss, "Liljana. Where are you going?"

      "I'm stopping that man." She stated simply. Then, turning back to the noise she yells, "hey! What do you think your doing!"

      "It's none of your business peasant!" he yelled back.

      Walking forward Liljana replies coolly, "I'm asking it my business. No one and I mean no one, should beat anyone just for asking a measly question. A simple no would suffice."

      "I don't care. What are you going to do about it?" the solider scoffed.

      Liljana strode forward until she reached the girl. Grabbing the girl, Liljanaplaced herself between the girl and the solider. "I'm going to stop you." She said pushing the solider, making him take a step back.

      As the solider stumbled Liljana picked up the girl and gently deposited her with her family. Spinning back around, she faced the solider who raised his fist, preparing for a fight.

      "I don't want to fight you." LIljana said boldly.

      The solider would not take that as an anser, "So you take away my fun and you won't even pay a price?"

      Instead of saying anything, the solider just jabbed at Liljana. The punch would have hit the average person but Liljana wasn't the average person. At the last moment possible she darted slightly tho the side, the punch just passing her ear. I knew what she was planning to do as soon and she moved. Liljana was going to grab the soldiers arm and twist it around to his back all the knocking the solider to the ground. We spent many hours practicing that move, over and over again.

      Just as I exspected, Liljana grabbed his arm and knocked him to the ground in one fluent movement. "I don't want to jurt you." Liljana whispered in his ear. "Please don't give me a reason to."

      The solider tried to twist away but Liljana just pulled on his arm. "Like I said, I don't want to hurt you So I am going to let you go. Just get up and walk away. Don't lay a hand on another person. I won't we as nice if you do it again." Then she let him go and backed up, Just as she promised.

      A few minutes went by as the solider thought about it, Liljana's eyes never strayed from him. Thankfully for him, he did what Liljana said. He silently got up and pushed through the crowd that had circled around them. With a sigh Liljana waked through the ground and sat back down beside me.

     "Well that was interesting." I say with a laugh. Liljana just shrugged, smiling. "Oh I think Jaun knows enough. We shall tell David that we are going tomorrow."



Finally got that down. So before you chew my out, i did not write this chapter in third person then switched to first. I was simply writing it from Kiri's P.O.V. of Liljana's spat. Anyways, I hoped you liked this chapter. Stay tuned for more.

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