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Everyone's saying, 'Love's in the air'!

That's why I'm selecting a mask to wear....

Coz I don't wanna fall in love,

Rather I'll bang my head on the chair!

Falling in love is foolish thing for me,

I really love being myself & carefree!

No fears, no tears, no shitty tensions,

Trust me, it's one among success's key!!

Still sometimes I act opposite I know,

I missed being in a relationship though....

Especially when I watch or read something romantic....

The only thought comes ' I'm going to die alone'!!

It's easy & yet complicated to ignore..

Those feelings which comes from my heart's core!

Like when I see my crushes' face....

Still I try my best to look bore.

I really wanna be loved!

And also not to be loved....

I wanna have a valentine....

But all these stuffs suck!

I still don't want a risk to bear,

Things will disappear, every promise every care!

Now congrats me I've selected a mask,

And please do remember 'LOVE'S IN THE AIR'!!!!!!

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So guys, Happy foolishness month

(I know many people among u want to kill me, but still it's shit! )

okay I'm sry no ;)

I'm a happy single, will glad to know other people of this category :p

U'll notice many mistakes in this poem, so feel free to correct them....
I'll appreciate that :)

I hope u enjoyed

Keep smiling, Have a good day!!

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