New Start

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I board my flight and start to doodle. I'm moving to New York today since I got a job with Equal Vision Records. I am going to be their photographer. Eventually I fall asleep on the plane. Once we arrive I hop in a cab and he drives me to my new place.
Luckily it was right across from Equal Vision Records. I unpack, it was a little studio apartment, but I loved it.

My first photoshoot is tomorrow and I'm terrified! I am doing a photoshoot for a band called Waterparks. I shuffle through their songs as I shower. I like to listen to bands before I photograph them,  so I get to know them better. After I shower I crawl into bed and fall asleep

At 7 AM my alarm goes off. I roll out of bed and slam my hand down on my clock, turning off the alarm. I put on some mascara and throw on my outfit. I grab my camera bag as I walk out the door.

*Copeland's outfit*

I walk over to work, taking the elevator up to the 5th floor

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I walk over to work, taking the elevator up to the 5th floor. As the doors open I see a huge photography set.

"Copeland Wright?" A man in a suit asks me.

I smile and nod.

"Anthony Butler. We are happy to have you here. The boys should be here in about 30 minutes. I'll leave you here to get set up. Let me know if you have questions." He says with a smile as he hands me my badge and a business card.

I walk over to the beautiful set and begin to set up my stuff. There were guitars, drums, and many other props lying around. I look over the email that describes the shoot today. I hear the elevator ding and three boys walk in.

"Hi you must be our photographer! I'm Geoff, that's Otto, and Awsten." A tall boy with brown hair says to me.

"Hi guys I'm Copeland." I introduce myself. The boy with colorful hair winks at me.

I blush and say "Um lets get started"

This is going to be difficult if I'm already crushing on my first clients.

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