Chapter 9 (edited)

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So, I was some weird creature called Datonx. To people I passed I appeared calm, but inside, I was confused, angry, scared, happy, and sad. This new form allowed me to be stronger and I liked that, but how I got the form was the origin of all the other emotions. Including confusion. I needed my dragon to share my thoughts. I wondered what my dragon would do if he could really understand my thoughts. Would he answer them with his thoughts? As far as I knew, a rider and his dragon could only feel each other's emotions, and feel each other's pain.

"Medea, we're not going straight to the dining hall. We need to get you some war clothes." Tynan interrupted my thoughts. We were almost at the door to the Hall. Why would I need war clothes? I didn't even know what war clothes were.

"Why? I already have training clothes," I asked, even more confused.

"War Commanders get different clothes," he said. I stopped and stared at him. "Yes, you are the school's new War Commander. The headmaster is going to announce that as well. From now on, you will be able to participate in all the important decisions and will be able to leave the building whenever you want to, but only if it's urgent. You will be informed on what's going on with the War with Ogres and you will hold meetings with other students every week, and tell them what you want to tell them. You can organize trainings for the whole school and things like that. In addition, you get a sheath and a War Commander's sword. It's a good sword, sharp and fast. Let's go now," he said urgently.

"But is it a good idea? I mean, I'm some kind of a weird creature. Will students want me to be their War Commander? They won't trust me," I said, but inside, I felt powerful, as if I was in control, and I finally felt happy.

"They trust the headmaster, and the headmaster chose you, so you have nothing to worry about. If anything, they'll look up to you. I'm sure that they'd rather have a super strong creature with them than against them. Now, close your mouth and follow me," he said.

I followed without a word, since I had nothing to say. I was proud to be the new War Commander, and I knew that the job suited me, since I had a strategic mind.

"Also, your hair is too long. You will get it shortened a little. Just a little, I promise." I had no idea why my hair needed to be shortened, but I nodded anyway.


I looked at myself in the mirror. The War Commander clothes were very comfortable. The pants were dark green, somewhat baggy and had lots of pockets as well as daggers already hidden all around them. I had a white shirt and a war jacket with lots of pockets and some first aid things in them.

They really did shorten my hair just a little. It wasn't bad. It was a hairstyle both males and females would wear comfortably.

"Okay, let's go now. Should I change my form?" I said. I really wanted to change my form. I felt more confident in it, and I looked awesome.

"Yes, that would be good," he said. The only problem was that I didn't know how to change my form. I remembered that I had to imagine my fangs disappearing to make myself change into my human form, so I tried doing the opposite now. I closed my eyes for easier concentration.

Of course, I was in my other form when I opened them. I felt stronger. I smiled at Tynan, showing my long, sharp fangs.

"Race you to the door," I said as I took off. I was much faster than he was, so I was halfway there already before he even started running. Okay, maybe not halfway. I only took a few steps.

Nevertheless, I had to wait for him when I reached the door.

"That was fast," he said as he ran up to me. He didn't seem like he was using everything he had, but I was still pleased with myself.

"You'll have to work on your running. I'm just a student and I am faster. Shame on you!" I teased. It was supposed to sound playful, but my voice was more of a growl because I was running up until then. This form was weird, but Tynan seemed to get it, because he let out a laugh.

"We will now walk in and go to the headmaster. He will then announce the news and you will get applause. Then you will sit at your usual place. I'll go first," he explained. I wondered what was going to happen.

He opened the door slowly and I went in behind him. People were looking at us. Not us, me. My fangs and me. I smiled so my fangs would show and pretended to bite the air.

"Students, before you stands Medea Beroast. She is a Datonx, a creature your mentors will tell you more about. She was chosen to be our new War Commander," the Headmaster said. At first, nothing happened, but then they started clapping.

As I was about to give a little speech, the wholebuilding shook and a hole appeared in one of the walls as Ogres surged throughit.ʀ?4)

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