= Chapter 1 =

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"You'll be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground and I'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds."

- Jeremy Lockhart



I wonder what sound it would make if I were to smash this glass against the side of his head.  My eyes pierced into his emerald green eyes, the ones I sadly inherited.

"I'm a little shock but it's happening." He says with a smile. His voice causes me to grip my glass tightly, in all hopes that it wouldn't actually end up on his head.

"Skylar? Are you going to say anything?" He clears his throat and his voice softens but it still stabs my heart like knives.

"What do you expect me to say?" I mumbled while fiddling with the loose thread on my scarf, something I often do when I'm deep in thought.

" Am I suppose to congratulate you on your third marriage which would most likely turn out a failure like the previous one?" I said in a flat tone.

I could see regret flash in his eyes as he looked away in embarrassment. Taking a sip from his coffee, he loosened his tie around his neck.

"I know it's difficult to accept this as you are my daughter but-"

Furrowing my eyebrows, I interrupted him.

"Dad, it's not about whether I can accept this. To be honest, I don't even give a fuck about what happens in your life. Cause as far as I know, you're dead to me. My concern is mum who is suffering so much with her illness and yet, you're only caring about your happiness. H-how selfish could you be?"

I felt tears brimming at my eyes and my vision started to get blurry but I wasn't going to cry in front of him.

He doesn't deserve any of my tears. Not anymore.

I had to take action. My father has been treating my mum like unwanted trash ever since she was diagnosed with lung cancer.

He divorced with my mum after her diagnosis and based on the law, he was suppose to give half his salary to my mum but he sure hasn't been following that.

However, my mum always remained calm and submissive, never complaining. She took what she got and tried her very best to raise me up.

Now it was my turn to take care of her and I was definitely going to do everything possible to help her.

"I don't need your pity. But I need one favor." I looked sternly at my father.

"Anything Skylar for you to forgive me. Just tell me what you need?"

"Get mum and I a ticket to Florida and an apartment. Don't even think about having contact with us."

His eyes widen in shock at my request. I knew my words sounded slightly harsh but he deserved actually much more than that for all the hurt he caused mum to have.

"Okay I will do that..." He answered reluctantly.

Without any further delay, I got out of the ice cream parlor which used to be my favourite place but now it seems like a nightmare.

Wrapping my arms around myself, I walked along the streets which led to my house. As much as I hated to leave my two best friends, I had to.

But I wasn't going to tell them the truth cause no one needs to know my problems or pain.

Arriving home, I noticed my mum watching her favourite show from our small television.

"Honey you're home!! Why don't you watch Dance Moms with me?" My mum asked in a hopeful tone.

"I would love to but I have to actually talk to you about something..." I fiddled around with the bottom end of my pony tail.

Nodding, she gave me her fullest attention which I must admit made me even more nervous.

"Mum, we will be moving to Florida tomorrow to have a new start for the both of us.  Away from dad and all our issues. You could use a new environment right?"

"Skylar, that's very thoughtful of you but we don't have the money for a ticket or apartment.."

"Dad would sort that out."

"How about rent for that apartment?"

"I'll be working while studying. Just do this for me mum, please. It's for the best..."

"I'll do anything for you Skylar. But remember something, you can't run away from everything Skylar..." And with that, she slowly strolled to her room.

She was right.

I can't keep running. One way or another,  I would have to face reality.

But till then, I wasn't going to look back to my past...


" Promise me, you'll keep in touch and never forget me!! And remember to come back and visit us whenever you can!!" Sierra gave me a big warm hug, tears rolling down her rosy cheeks.

"Sierra, I think she needs to go." Austin comments while trying to pull Sierra off me.

"One more second!!" She holds onto to me like there was no tomorrow.

When Austin managed to pry her off me, he have me a tight hug.

"Take care of yourself, Skylar. I'm just one call away if you need anything, okay?" He gave me a assuring smile.

"Thanks Austin and take care of Sierra for me. I love you guys and remember to use protection if you guys do the deed !!" I shouted out before getting into the cab with my mum while both Austin and Sierra were blushing.

Looking once more out of the window, I gave my last wave as their figures became smaller and smaller by each passing second.

All I hope for is a drama-free life in school and a good job that could help my mum out. Little did I know, fate had other plans for me...

This year was going to be a roller coaster of emotions, love and drama...

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💡I know this chapter wasn't interesting or fun but it was just a filler chapter to let you know why she's going to Florida!!! It'll get better I promise!!

//Remember to read the quotes at the start of the chapter as they lead to a secret in the end !!//

- Celine🌿

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