3 - Not so regretful.

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Drake ❄

My eyes open to the sound of soft snores and I shifted, unconsciously pulling whatever was in my arms closer to me. My fingers brushed against warm skin and that's when I gained full consciousness.

I blinked a few times before I was able to see properly and suddenly I was staring down at a slightly familiar face. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing softly, her chest brushing against my bare one every time she took a deep breath.

I faintly remember her telling me her name at Ella's diner last night and a small smile curls upon my lips.


I'm surprised I even remember her name since most of the girls I wake up with in a bed I could barely even remember what we did let alone their names. But their was something about this girl that made me want to lay their and stare at her face for the rest of the morning.

I mentally curse myself.

At this point I would usually be shaking the girl awake and telling her to get lost but I didn't want to do it to this one.

Suck it up you fucking pussy.

I narrow my eyes down at the girl, staring at her intently. She suddenly stirs in my arms and I watch her cautiously. One of her legs was in between mine and I stiffen when it brushes against my crotch.

Fuck, that felt good.

My eyes flutter closed when she does it again, and I bite lip, resisting the urge to groan.

"You're hard." My eyes snap open at the sound of her voice. She was looking up at me through a lazy smirk.

Those fucking eyes.

A smirk of my own forms across my face and I clear my throat. "You move a lot in your sleep princess." I chuckle and she smiles, shaking her head. She sits up in my bed, picking up her under garments from the ground and sliding them on whilst I watched her.

"Leaving?" I questioned, a sudden sinking feeling taking over at the thought of her leaving.

"Yeah.." She trails off, looking hesitant. "You mind helping me find my dress?" She asks after turning around. My eyes trail down her body shamelessly and the hard on I was carrying grew even harder.

"Only if you stay for breakfast." I blurted and she raises her brows.

"Breakfast?" She repeats, her lips parting. I smirk at her and nod my head.

"I'm making pancakes." I state and she smiles sexily, crawling back onto my bed. She climbs on top of me, straddling my hips. She was sitting right on my cock. "Or on second thought..." I trail off causing her to laugh.

She rubs herself against me and I clench my jaw, my hands instinctively holding onto her hips. I thrust myself against her from beneath the sheets and she bites her lip leaning down.

Before she can reach my face I pull her head down and smash my lips against hers. Then just like last night I felt a tingling sensation rush across my skin.

I sound like a fucking high school girl.

I nibble at her bottom lip until she parts her lips and I shove my tongue into her mouth, exploring everything inch of it. I leave one hand at the back of her head, my other gropes her covered breast.

She moans into my mouth, sending my mind into a frenzy. I sit up, pulling away from Vanessa and watching her as she pulls off her panties once again. Leaning against the headboard, I pull her back on top of me and groan when she lowers herself down onto my crotch.

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