1 - A broken heart.

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Vanessa - 🌻

"And welcoming the lead singer of our music class, Vanessa Adams!"

Okay Van, this is your time to shine. Go out there and make all there fucking balls drop.

I gnaw on my bottom lip, not because I had to face all the seniors, no, but because the song I was about to sing was personal. A song I wrote especially for a dickwad that broke my heart.

Now, you're probably thinking- why not just back out or choose another song to sing? Well answer number one smartass is that this shit means too much to me to just back out and two is that my music teacher is practically forcing me to.

Yeah, a fucking great help she is in my life. No, that was sarcasm at its freaking finest! Sometimes I hate that woman, but then I remember all the times she's helped me out and I shrug off the forming hatred.

Gulping, I stare down at my attire and I curse myself for being so stupid. I mean it was hot and suited the song I was about to sing but maybe it was just a little bit too short.

It did end almost right underneath my damn ass cheeks. Now not to be cocky or arrogant, but I'm a woman with a blessed figure and those jocks are in for a fucking hard on once I walk onto that stage.

I sighed, running a hand through my newly straightened black hair before putting a fierce smirk on my face and strutting out onto the stage in my stilettos.

Bianca, the girl who called me out and also the dance's committee smiles at me and I send her a fake polite smile back. Don't look at me like I'm your friend bitch. I know exactly what you say about me behind my back.

I snatch the mic off her and turn towards the crowd of seniors, grinning down at them.

"Who's ready for some music that isn't coming from an audio tape?" I ask and they all cheer literally for no reason. I roll my eyes and place the microphone into its stand. "Alright everybody, grab your dates and hold them tight. Shits about to get slow." I say.

They all grab their partners and get into the slow dancing stance as the music starts.

"Nows all we got," I started, casting my eyes downwards. "And time can't be bought, I know it inside my heart. Forever will forever be ours, even if we tried to forget- love will remember."

You're avoiding him.

Ignoring my conscious I continue to sing. "You said you love me, I said I love you back. What happened to that? What happened to that? All your promises, and all them plans we had, what happened to that? What happened to that?" Mustering all the courage within me I glance up, covering my distress with a confident smirk.

"Boom gone yeah, we move on. Even if we tried to forget," the music got louder, and my hand grips the mics stand. "Love will remember you, and love will remember me.. I know it inside my heart. Forever will forever be ours. Even if we tried to forget, love will remember."

That's when the worst thing that could possible happen, happened. My hazel colored eyes met his and for a second my mask almost slipped.

"The trips we dreamed of taking, the tacks left on the mat. What happened to that? What happened to that?" I forced myself to turn away from him- or at least I tried to. I couldn't, he had to know. Feel my fucking emotions Samuel Graham. "When all you had was nothing and all we did was laugh, what happened, what happened to that? What happened to that?"

The corner of my eyes stung with tears and I blinked them away. You're not allowed to cry over him anymore Vanessa.

His eyes were wide, and filled with regret as he listened to me sing, as if he knew the song was written for him. Fucking liar he is. I bet he felt just so guilty when he left me waiting in the rain, waiting for him to come pick me up for a date when little did I know he was at Penelope Shawn's house fucking her brains out.

I heard all about his little secret a few days later. She was bragging about it in secret to her friends. About how they went on and on all night long. The girl didn't even know I was listening to her.

"Break down the walls, let heaven in. Somewhere in forever we'll dance again." I narrow my eyes at him, my hips swaying slowly from side to side. "We use to be inseparable, I use to think that I was irreplaceable." He whispers something to himself and a my breath hitches.

"You are irreplaceable." I read his lips.

And wish I fucking hadn't.

Because those three words that he uttered caused my eyes to water and the tears started streaming down my face without me even realizing it.

"We lit the whole world up, before we blew it up, I still don't know just how we screwed it up, forever, forever-" I cut myself of when the miserable crack of my voice happens and people start to stare at me weirdly. I gulp, the music still playing around us all but no words leaving my lips.

I'm broken and now they know it too.

"I'm sorry." I whispered breathlessly into the microphone before hastily turning on my heel and running off stage. Backstage I grabbed my purse, and swung it around my body.

The tears didn't stop there though, they kept going. Wetting my cheeks like Niagara falls. I hold a hand to my mouth as I push my way out of the back entrance into the pouring rain.

Oh so now the clouds decide to fucking rain?!

Clutching onto my stomach I sobbed as silently as I could.

Unfortunately it wasn't that quite. I'd been holding back the cries for too long now, and apparently they decided they needed to come out now? Fuck my life.

Fuck having a broken heart, cause it downright sucks and it hurts so bad.

"Vanessa!" I ignore the shouts and attempt running past the grass in my high heel stilettos. Huge fail, since the heels would sink into the dirt every five seconds.

I let out a pathetic cry, ripping the heels off my feet and continue running. Though before I could get out of the school gates I tripped and fell onto my knees.

"Fuck." I grumbled, attempting to get back up onto my feet.

"Vanessa! Why the heck did you run out like that?" I stand back up on my feet and bend over, pressing my palms against my knees.

"Fuck off Kelly." I whimper.

"Shit Van, are you alright?" She asks, placing her hand onto my back. I stand up straight and sigh weakly. "Is it Sam? I knew you wrote those lyrics yourself! I'm going to rip his balls off Van, I don't give a fuck what you say." She rambles, pulling me into a hug.

"You're getting yourself all wet Kelly." I said, not really knowing what else to say.

"Vanessa shut up, I don't care-"

"Vanessa!" His voice made me freeze and suddenly tears clouded my sight once again. I balled my hands into, fists staring up at him through glazed eyes.

He storms up to me, cupping my face in his hands. My eyes widened when he slants his lips onto mine, kissing me with so much passion it made my knees weak.

"Get off her dick fuck!" Kelly shoves Sam's shoulder harshly and he pulls away before I could.

"I'm sorry," he whispers, ignoring my friend. "I broke your heart and I couldn't be anymore sorry than I already am. I'm so fucking sorry Vanessa." I shake my head, peeling his hands off my face and weakly pushing him away from me.

"Apology not accepted asshole." I hissed, walking backwards, gripping onto my heels that were hanging off my fingers. "I hate you Samuel Graham. I fucking hate you." I spat and hurt fell over his face.

With that, I turn on my heel and sprinted out of school grounds, leaving Kelly to scream after me. I ignored her and kept running until I was a good five minutes away.

I slowed down, now walking. I furiously wiped away the tears rolling down my cheeks and sniffle. That's when I decided that I'd never cry over him again. So with those last tears, I swallowed down the dreadful feeling of heartbreak, locking it down into the deepest pits of myself.

And promising myself I wouldn't allow anyone to break my heart more than it already was.

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