Chat 3: Food!

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GabrielSama created the group.

GabrielSama added Vigne, Satanyan and RaphyChan to the group.

GabrielSama: Vignette!!

Vigne: What?

GabrielSama: Im hungry ;-;

RaphyChan: Hi Hungry, i'm Raphiel.

GabrielSama: This is no time for jokes!! Oh! Let's meet up at a restaurant later!
Vigne: Count me in!

RaphyChan: Me too!

Satanyan: Ah! My schedule is SO empty later!! I wonder what I should do!! I wish I could go to a restaurant or something..

RaphyChan: Satanya-chan!

Satanyan: Yes? ( HERE IT COMES )

RaphyChan: We'll be going to a restaurant later.

Satanyan: And??

RaphyChan: That is all 😊

Satanyan: QAQ

GabrielSama: Hey Satanya?

Satanyan: Yeah..?

GabrielSama: I'm going too.

Satanyan: QAQ||

Vigne: Satanya??

Satanyan: Wat...?

Vigne: Do you wanna come with us later..?

Satanyan: YAAY!! ----- I mean, Fine, I, Satanya  shall accept your offer and shall go with you to the restaurant!!

Vigne: Ahahah!! Ok, so what time should we all meet up?

GabrielSama: Hmm.. Since it's 9:31 AM right now... Maybe we could meet up at 11:00 AM later??

RaphyChan: Ok!

Satanyan: Suree!!

Vigne: Sounds like a plan, see you!!

Vigne left the group.

Satanyan left the group.

RaphyChan left the group.

GabrielSama: Wait why are they all leaving??

GabrielSama: Oh well.

GabrielIsAwesome left the group.

GabrielIsAwesome deleted the group.

Author's Annoying Note:
Heyy guys!! Can you please gimme some requests because I'm running out of ideas :3 Thanks!

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