Chapter 24

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"So what do you say Camz? Will you marry me?".........

"Is this a joke? Is this for real? Are you being serious?" Camila asked as tears streamed down her face.

"Of course I'm serious Camila, I love you. I love every single thing about you, you weird obsession with bananas, your jokes, your perfect mind, your taste in music, how you always speak your mind, I'm in love with you" Lauren spoke as she herself battled tears.

Camila looked at Lauren, before looking at Emiren again who was gurgling in her crib.

"Please answer me Camz"

Camila sighed...

She looked at Lauren, who was still on her knees. As the two made eye contact, Lauren grew anxious. Camila simply smirked.

"Of course I'll marry you!" she exclaimed as she jumped up and down before jumping into Laurens arms.

The two held each other close as they cried with tears of happiness.

"I couldn't think of a good location to propose to you, I mean I did plan on it being in Rome, but that didn't work, so I thought about where else I could propose but seeing as we have our little princess now it would kind of be really hard for us to have personal time so its not like I could have whisked you away abroad or even to a fancy restaurant, so I know the proposal isn't that great, but i thought that seeing as Emiren was invo-" Lauren explained but was cut off when Camila softly kissed her.

"You talk too much" she giggled as she held Laurens hand, bringing them both to sit down on the sofa. "The proposal was so amazing, no offence, but the Rome proposal could never top this, you know why? Because someone who I freaking adore has made me feel so comfortable with myself, she has took on a parenting role, even though she didn't really plan or prepare for it anytime soon. The proposal was amazing Lauren, because it had you in it, and it had our baby in it. I don't know what I did to deserve you Lauren Michelle, but I'm so thankful"

"So... The proposal wasn't bad?" Lauren asked uncertain.

"The proposal was better than any of proposals I've dreamed about"

"Really?" Lauren asked as she smiled.

"Yes you dork, now... Lets enjoy today, as  fiancee's"

"Fiancee's" Lauren repeated as a tear rolled sown her cheek.

"OHMYGOD! CALL BEYONCE I GOT A FIANCEE!" Camila spoke out loud which made Lauren break out in laughter, which then made Emiren babble.

"Was mamma saying weird stuff again baby? Don't worry, as you grow up... You'll be hearing weirder stuff" Lauren spoke in a baby voice as she took the baby out of the crib and held her as she sat back in the sofa, holding Emiren as Camila looked on at the two.

"So, you're momma, and I'm mamma?" Camila giggled to herself as she took everything in. She and Lauren were fucking engaged! They have a child together, and as well as that they have a dog, and also they have a house together. Camila never thought that she'd have a second chance with Lauren, I mean she'd say she did, but she never truly believed it. Until now.

"I think we should call Beyonce, you know. Let her know about us being fiancee's?" Lauren spoke as she saw Camila show a confused expression on her face. "We'll call Mani and Ally too?" and then Camila's face lit up.

"Oh yeah, actually can we call Lucy and Kiana and Rose and Rosie too please?"

"Sure, as long as they understand that they'll have to be quiet when it comes to Emiren" Lauren spoke as she looked at the child in her arms.

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