Starting Over

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Here we go! A brand new character for my werewolf series! I hope you guys like it! I need to give these stories an overall title so I can give some type of connection between them all!

This particular chapter does not have the pack everyone's so fond of, but chapter two will!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy!


Being a cop from Los Angeles meant no day was exactly like the other. There was nothing that I haven’t seen after being on the force for almost 10 years. I’ve seen home invasions, kidnappings, rapes and murders. Nothing was surprising to me after everything. A small part of me wanted to give up on humanity because I have seen nothing but the bad things.

I knew I was burnt out, but I had nothing left to turn to. I was an only child and my parents died 4 years ago. They had me via surrogate when they were both pushing 50. The only friends I had were the people that I worked with, so I had no reason to take a step back and get my head together.

I should have, looking back now, I know I should have. My life would have been drastically different.

I should’ve picked up a hobby. Joined a biker gang. Anything to avoid the drastic change that was going to force me to give up everything I knew.

My life changed because of city budget cuts. My department was supposed to help out with the more rural areas now because they had to cut funding.

Who would’ve known at a half a cent rise in taxes would save the life I knew? Would it have changed anyone’s mind if they knew that it would save me?

I was finishing up paperwork at my desk when I noticed my sergeant come out of his office and start scanning over the office, looking for someone.

I cowered a little lower. I had an odd feeling that he was looking for me.

I didn’t have to look over when I felt him coming over. “I need you to go look at something.”

I motioned to my piles of files. “What? I’m swamped as it is. I don’t need more paperwork.”

“I need you to take a look into this call.” He waved a file at me.

I had way too much paperwork to just go look into a call. “Send one of the new guys.”

“You’re the one who wants a promotion to detective.” I had wanted a promotion for a long time. I wanted to be the reason bad guys got put away. “This is a good starting point.”

I sighed and leaned back against my chair. “What is it?” I gave in.

I heard snickering of one of the rookies a couple desks down. I picked up a stress ball and threw it right at his head. It hit because he hadn’t been looking. I’d get better pay back tomorrow. It was easy to make rookies do stupid things just because they didn’t know how things work yet.

“It’s a report of a child screaming for help.”

Great, someone just left a child screaming for help. My hope for humanity sunk a little bit more.

“And the caller couldn’t help the kid?”

“They just heard it in the park, along with some animal noises, so the kids probably with its dog. Just make sure you get a rabies shot.” He teased and dropped the file on my desk. “Put on a coat. It’s cold out.”

I groaned and picked up the file. “Fine.” I muttered and got up. I’d take home some of this mountain of paperwork and get it done there. I had nothing to do anyway.

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