Chapter 23

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Lauren and Camila lay on the sofa together cuddling as Emiren slept in one of  her beds which Lauren brung downstairs.

"She hasn't made any noise you think she's broken?" Camila asked.

"Maybe she's waiting to cry... Like if we fall asleep. Bam! The screaming begins" Lauren whispered.

"Oh... Hey Lo? What's Emiren going to call us? Are we both going to be mommy, mummy or something?"

"I think you should be mama"

"Why do you you think that?" Camila asked with a shy smile on her face.

"Because... Ayyy mama you got a nice ass" Lauren spoke as she playfully smacked Camila's behind.

"Owwww, Laurennnn" Camila dragged on, looking at Lauren as she bit her lip, smirking at the girl. "Do you think we'll have sex soon? Or is our sex life going to be dead now?"

A blushing Lauren was about to answer when the doorbell chimed.

"You get it" Camila decided as Lauren got up from the sofa and towards the front door.

Lauren opened the door and was instantly met with Sinus face right next to hers.


"Hola, how is Karla?" Sinu asked as she pushed past Lauren and inside the house to where Camila was lying down. "Ay, my poor baby, you need rest, go to sleep, I'll care for the baby" she spoke as Camila sat up looking confused.

Lauren was about to close the door until she saw something small rush past her and through the house... Sofia.

"You nearly closed the door on me!" Sofia shouted loudly, causing Emiren to whimper in her sleep.

"Sofia, you have to be quiet. Karla isn't feeling well" Sinu spoke as she placed her hand on Camila's forehead.

"Mama, I'm feeling perfectly fine. Do I not look it?" Camila asked as she looked at her mother, then sister and then looking towards Lauren who then for pushed aside by Alejandro as he made his way inside. Lauren rolled her eyes but just as she was about to close the door.... She saw her family appear too.

After standing away from the door, her siblings, and parents came in and rushed to see Emiren.

"Well I suppose its only right Camz and I call our sisters?" Lauren spoke referring to Dinah, Normani and Ally.

"I sent Dinah a message telling her to come to Karla's house asap" Sinu said, and just then there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it" Lauren spoke as she rolled her eyes again before open in the door and seeing Lucy. "Hey Luce"

"Why does it look like you want to kill me?"

"Mine and Camz' parents are fighting over who gets to hold the baby first"

"Oh shit, well... Don't let them?"

"They seriously won't leave if I don't let them"


Ally, Dinah and Normani came through the driveway and Ally rushed over to Lauren and Lucy, "Lauren! Are you okay? Camila's mom said we needed to get over quickly, she said it was an emergency?" Ally asked as she looked around.

"Emergency? No emergency... Just come on in" Lauren sighed as the three girls made their way in, leaving Lauren and Lucy to talk outside still.

"Damn, an emergency? Over dramatic much? How are you going to survive all of this Lauren?"

"With so much fucking weed by the looks of it" Lauren sighed.

"Will Camila let you? I mean, you have a kid now"

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