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Pen Your Pride

Mr Alpha, you'll have to do better than that !!

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Chapter 1

Rebecca sat on the window seat in her vast purple bedroom staring out off the huge window in front of her, she heard her brothers arguing in the background about who’s turn it was on their video game, same as everyother evening she thought, rolling her eyes she climbed off the seat straightened her clothes and glanced in the mirror at her toned body, long golden blond hair and hazel coloured eyes before dragging a brush though her tangled hair and walking out of the room.

As she closed the door behind her Jason her brother raced past her with Tom yelling and running after him, they where both 18 and twins with their light brown hair, hazel eyes and defined bodies due to the frequent patrols they ran it was easy to see why girls fell for them, and Jasin was defiantly happy to accept them,Tom made found mate serveral months ago so he had calmed down but Jason  like all teenage guys in her pack they was a total player, she didn’t agree with it but when he found his mate she knew he’d stop, so she was just going to try and ignore it till then.

Jumping out of the way to avoid getting knocked down she growled in annoyance, which made both of her brothers jump, though she hadn’t put much alpha power into it, it was still enough to make them pause, but only slightly before they yelled an sorry over their shoulder and carried on running.

As she rounded the corner and smiled, it was great to see them so happy and carefree, it was 8 months after their parents had been killed by rouges and it was a tough time for them all, her father had been a strong and powerful alpha and her mother a kind and compassionate Luna and they where greatly missed by the 300 strong pack especially by their three children they left behind. As Rebecca had the strongest power of the alpha in her, their roles where passed on to her and as her brothers had equal power they both took the position of beta, in the town where they lived there was a even balance of humans and werewolves, some humans knew about them as they had mates in the pack but most humans lived in happy innocence without the knowledge that humans lived, worked and went to school all around them.   

Walking down the stairs she saw Ella walking up carrying some sheets to be put away upstairs, Ella was one of the many servants hired at their pack house or better named mansion and was also one of Rebecca’s friends, Elle had moved here about a year ago and was working in a café on the outskirts of town before Rebecca offered her a job and two rooms here so she could be close to her five year old son josh and still earn a living. After saying hi and asking how she and her son where doing, Rebecca carried on and went into the kitchen, grabbing a tub of ben and jerry’s chocolate ice-cream out the freezer and grabbing a spoon she jumped up onto one of the bar stools and starting eating. 

About half way though the tub she started thinking about the new pack moving into town, the pack was of smaller size and power to hers and where moving due to reasons she did not yet know, she had never spoken with their alpha as she was told the beta was dealing with the situation of moving as the alpha had been busy making other arrangements, she wondered what their alpha would be like and what they would think about her being a female alpha, as far as she and her pack knew she was the only one. And was famous not for being a female alpha, as no one outside the pack knew but for being the most powerful alpha and pack known.

Finishing the remains of her ice-cream she threw the carton in the bin and walking out of the room and upstairs, sticking her head around the games room door where her brothers were now playing a different game the old one thrown aside and forgotten, she grinned, they hadn’t noticed her yet, she snuck up behind them and jumped on toms back whilst grabbing Jacobs control at the same time. As they both jumped up and stalked towards her she held the control close to her and curled up into a ball laughing at their shocked and now grinning expressions, their grins got wider and she knew they where talking though the pack link, before she had time to listen in they pounced on her tom grabbing her feet and Jacob her wrists, they pulled stretching her out straight before they grabbed the control and started tiggleing her mercilessly, she was soon screaming for them to stop and yelling out death threats if they didn’t, after the five longest and most torture minutes of her life they let her go as she lay gasping her breath back she looked up to see her two older brothers grinning down at her the odd chuckle still escaping from their lips she put on an innocent look before saying, “that was sooooooo mean guys, what’d I do to you”, they looked at her with disbelief on their faces before a chorus of “do you know how long it took me to get to that level” “I cant believe you” “do you know how many hours I’ve sat there”, she sat there grinning for a while before they looked at her, thier faces turning to confusion and then to evil grins, before they could do anything she jumped up and ran out of the room yelling behind her “love you, goodnight”.

Closing the door of her bedroom she quickly made her way over to her walk in wardrobe grabbing a black tank top and a pair of cotton shorts, she grabbed some clean underwear before walking out of her wardrobe flicking in the lights and turning on some music she went into the bathroom for a shower, stripping off her clothes she stepped into the shower as ‘somebody that I used to know’ by Gotye came on she sang along as she washed and conditioned her hair.

Getting out of the shower she quickly dried herself before pulling on her pj’s and began to dry her hair, once it was dry she brushed her teeth shoved her worn clothes in the laundry basket and walked back into her bedroom.

Before crawling into bed she flicked off her lights a d turned off her stereo before slipping under the covers, closing her eyes and thinking about what will happen tomorrow when she meets the new pack and their Alpha.


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