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Idk about the picture above but this is literally me when someone is talking to me when I am in a bad mood 😂


Jenny's POV

So i decided to go to the store and get some snacks. I left them alone to get to know each other more. Not to kiss or anything because i know they wouldnt do that since Geo is not a f-boy and Y/n is too shy. So they are fine. I then texted Y/n


Jenny: I went out to the store rn. I'll see you in 20 min?

Y/n💯: What why. Don't leave me alone with your brother especially since it's Juwany FREAKIN Roman. 😩💓

Jenny: Calm down he won't do anything he treats girls with respect. Just try to get to know him... jk you already know alot about him. Get him to know you better.

Y/n💯: Ok bestfrann thx luv ya 💓.

♡End of Convo♡

I got to the store and picked up a few things and drove to a friends house so that Geo and Y/n could send time with each other.

Geo's POV

I was on the broadcast answering some questions. Then one question was

play 2 truths 1 lie plz

"Ok Y/n you wanna play 2 truths 1 lie. I mean I wanna get to know you better." - Geo. I was blushing and I guessed she noticed because she giggled a little.

"Ok Geo" -Y/n

She sat down next to me.

"Ok Geo I want to go first." -Y/n

"Alright go ahead" -Geo

She turned to face me and said

"Ok we obviously know the lie but. I am a good dancer, I am beautiful and I am a muser." -Y/n

I looked at her confused when she said that she is a good dancer because I never actually seen her dance before.

"That's easy the lie is that your a good dancer and the 2 truths is that your beautiful obviously and that your a muser." -Geo

I began to blush when I said she looked beautiful and so did she. God she looked so adorable.

"Um n-no the lie is that I am beautiful. I mean look at me." -Y/n

"Exactly look at you, you are beautiful and really adorable when you blush." -Geo

She started to blush and turned away because she didnt want to me to see.

●Y/n POV●

"Ok enough Geo your turn" -Y/n

I looked at how many people were watching. I have way more viewers than ever. It might be because of I am here. I mean not to brag or anything I am almost at 6 million subscribers. Eeee!

"Ok. I am a good singer, I am a younower, and I like Y/n." -Geo

"Ok the truths are that you are a good singer, and that you are a younower and the lie is that you like Y/n wich is me. Duh" -Y/n

"Um no the lie is that i am a good singer. You do not want to hear me sing trust me." -Geo

"And the two truths?" -Y/n

I said blushing and giggling a little.

"Well" he said grabbing the back of his neck.

"The truths are that i am a younower and ... i like you Y/n."

I started to blush alot and before I could say anything Geo beat me to it.

"I know we just met but I think I am stating to catch feelings for you." -Geo

●Geo's POV●

When I said that I think I have feelings for he she smiled and blushed at the same time I barely noticed that she had dimples. When I saw her dimples she looked so freakin cute and adorable 😣 Ugh.


Hey i just wanted to say that I am going to be writing another book about a bts member who's name is Jimin. He is so freakin 😍. But he is Korean. So yea. Here is his picture

Ugh he is just so perfect 😍😍 Also I am making this book for a friend because she also loves them (way more than i do)

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Ugh he is just so perfect 😍😍 Also I am making this book for a friend because she also loves them (way more than i do)

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