(Fairy tail)Erza Scarlet x Short! Reader

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Your P.O.V.

Last week I joined the guild Fairy tail. Out of everyone in the guild there was only one person who caught my eye. Her name is Erza Scarlet. She the most powerful female wizard at fairy tail. Her magic is absolutely beautiful, also. She was just so perfect you could couldn't put it to words. There was only one problem... she was 5'6" and I was 4'5". Im so small for my age it's embarrassing.

Yet, here I was planning a picnic, for Erza and I. I was waiting outside of Fairy tail for Erza to come out and join me. When she finally appeared I led the way to an open field, away from everything. Erza laid out the blanket and I set everything up.

"Thank you for inviting me, (y/n)," she smiled taking a bite out of her sandwich. "You know this is my first picnic. I'm glad it's with you". Hearing that made me blush a little, but I hid it.

"O-oh you're welcome". From there we finished eating and got up and ran around for a little while. Everything was going as planned. All of a sudden she had me pinned against a tree. "Wh-what are you d-doing?," I stuttered.

She looked into my (e/c) eyes with her deep brown ones,"I love you (y/n)".

I smiled,"I-i love you too!" I shouted a little too loud. She smiled back and began leaning down. I stood on my tippy toes getting as tall as I could. Our lips brushed slightly. She bend down more, putting her arms around me lifting me slightly deepening the kiss. We kissed until we had to pull away for air.

Erza pressed her forehead to mine,"I know you said you loved me, but to be sure, will you be mine?"

I smiled at her and gave a quick,"of course". We then kissed the night away.

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