Chapter 8

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Kate placed baby Calum in the baby carrier. Making sure to protect his head as she laid him down.

It has only been a couple of days since he has been born and he has already stolen her heart. She could not believe how incomplete her life has been before him.

Looking down into his green eyes reminded her so much of his father, if only she could find some way of getting in touch with him. To let him know that he had a son. Reaching into her top she found the necklace that he given her. She impulsively kissed the symbol then took off the necklace to place it around her son wrist. Looping it twice to secure it so it didn't fall off when he raising his fists in the air to try and hit the toys that were dangling in front of him.

After putting on her jacket, Kate made sure that she stocked the stroller with milk that she previously pumped earlier that day. Her breasts still felt heavy after the pumping that she had to put breast pads in to catch any milk that might seep through.

"Are we going to the park today Aunty Kate?" Lucy asked bouncing on her toes, eager to leave the house. "I want to see my friends again."

Since moving here, they been making a trip to the park across the road nearly every day which enabled Lucy to make new friend with the kids that lived in the area. Kate was happy that Lucy found it easy to settle in and have new friends as when she starts school at the end of the summer she would not be so overwhelmed.

"Yeah we can go to the park after I done shopping." Kate told her picking up her handbag to check the contents. Making sure that her lip balm was in there. She stopped wearing lipstick after Calum was born. She found that she kissed her son on the face far too much for him to be sporting various amounts of lipstick.

Lucy picked up her small child handbag mirroring her aunt. Kate smiled at the little display. Walking with the baby in the stroller to the car. Kate placed him and the child seat securely in the car along with Lucy sitting next to him.

"Where are, we going aunty?" Lucy asked seeing that they were driving away from the town that she has grown to love.

Kate quickly glanced over at her niece in the rear-view mirror, seeing that her son has grabbed a hold of the girl's pinkie finger. "I already shopped a thousand times in those stores. So, we are going over to the next town to have a look to see if there are any new things that Calum or you might need."

Lucy nodded not saying a word but continue to make faces at her cousin. It only took Kate ten minutes to drive to the next town. As soon as she saw the sign marking that she entered she felt like the atmosphere was different. Kate parked her car outside the store that marked Silver Rock convenience.

It was a quick task taking the children out the car and placing Calum in his stroller. Kate didn't need to tell Lucy to hold on to the stroller and not to walk away otherwise she might get lost.

They passed a couple of people on the side walk, Kate noticed that they were staring at them. She pulled Lucy closer to herself. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to come to this next town. It wasn't as friendly as the one that they decided to settle in.

A lady with a bright smile and spring in her step came up to Kate to say hello, then brazenly sprayed the air with perfume before leaving.

Kate felt taken back when the lady quickly left. She began to sniff herself and even check her son pampers to find out that he was completely dry as she just changed him before leaving out the house.

Kate decided to go into the diner first instead of the store as she knew Lucy must be hungry. The girl has been eating a lot recently.

Walking into the diner the conversation between the patrons stopped almost immediately. Kate so awkward that she turned around to walk out. A waitress in a black uniform walked up to her quickly tapping her on the shoulder.

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