House of Mist

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The mountain retreat filled with magic became Feyre's hiding place after finding out that Rhys was her mate.


Mostly because everyone else knew but her. And she hadn't felt it, other than having an attraction to him that made her feel guilt. But those days on her own, in silence, doing nothing but painting (again. Finally) she came to terms with the thought of being his mate.

And then the knock at the door, revealing Rhys in all his winged glory

And then the knock at the door, revealing Rhys in all his winged glory.

Thank goodness he threw away caution and flew to the house. None of us could take it I right?!

The soup...making a meal for her mate. Something so simple and yet so meaningful was a precious opening to the relationship.

And then he slowly starts breaking our hearts.

So, chapter 54 is where it all happens for me

So, chapter 54 is where it all happens for me. All you chapter 55 purists, the ones who think the paint, the personal feast, the tub, glowing with happiness...are the feels, well, they are but not without 54.

I propose to you that even though we already loved Rhys, hated Tamlin and WANTED Feysand to happen finally, it wouldn't have nearly the depth of emotion and meaning without the confession he makes beforehand.

I know you agree.

The early war and being held captive to watch Amarantha's terror was horrible for him.

But that wasn't what shook me. Not even close.

The horrific death of his family by the hands of the Spring Court tore at my heart. It gave me a new level of hatred for Tamlin. And even Feyre was horrified that she had believed anything Tamlin had said.

But he hadn't even gotten to the major mind melt that was about to happen.

Knowing that his plan had been to kill Amarantha at the party, only to be drugged on her wine and realized in the last seconds what was happening. Using his magic to protect his friends ( and Velaris without trying to save himself. Allowing himself to be violated year after year, with no end in sight, to continue to keep those he loved from harm. Yeah that got me, a lot.

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