|Chapter One-The Raindrops|

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        Her eyes shoot open as she hears something in the kitchen fall. Her heart automatically starts pounding in her small chest.

"Papa?"she calls out,her hands clutch the blanket and and she pulls it over her head for comfort,"Papa,are you okay?" Her hands are now shaking.

"Is that a little girl?"a deep voice says from the hall. Her eyes widen. The voice was registering in her mind. A stranger is in the house.

"Papa told you what to do,"she whispered,"Get up and grab your knife." She slid a foot at a time out of bed,slowly. When she pushed up an officer barged through the door holding up a gun.

"Papa!"she screamed. The man's eyes widened as he saw the little girl.

"Holy shit,Mike,get your ass in here!"the man lowered his gun as the little girl raised her knife,"Put the knife down,Mrs. Williams."

"H...How do you know my name?"she covered her eyes as the door swung open on its hinges as light filled her small bedroom.

"Harvey,that's a little girl." This man's voice was rough and it reminded her of her father. Her father!

"Where is my papa?"she asked folding her arms.

"Your father is safe. Now tell us your name." The same guy said.

"April. My name is April." April shivered as she longed to jump back into her bed.

"April,you have to come with us for a little bit,"the new cop,apparently Mike,said as he reached to grab her elbow. She jerked back and let out a small yelp.

"Where is my papa?"she screamed,trying to run under her bed.

"Oh, no you don't, you little shit!"the first man that barged into her room grabbed her waist and pulled her close.

"Let me go! I want my papa!" April tried to elbow the man, but it was no use.

"You can see your papa if you come with us,"Mike said,grabbing the little girl by the hand and leading her outside.

"Are you telling the truth?"she asked as she was placed carefully into a police vehicle.

"Yes, Mrs. Williams,we are. We are here to help you and your father,"Mike said,shutting the door just to open a passenger door and get in. The man April wasn't fond of got in the driver's side and started down the driveway and onto the road.

"Harvey, you have to be easier next time!" Mike scolded," You scared the living shit out of that girl."

"I was probably nothin' compared to her perverted dad!"


"My daddy ain't evil!"April said,defending her papa,"He is the nicest person I know."

"That's great,sweetheart,but your dad is a goddamn pedophile!"Harvey slammed his left hand on the wheel. April didn't see a ring and she realized he probably wasn't a family man.

She crossed her arms and ignored him for the rest of the ride. It had started to rain and she used the rain drops as a distraction. She pretended they were racing down her window while other rain drops cheered them on. It was dark outside;and her face was periodically lit up by a streetlight or headlights. This gave the rain drops an eerie look to them every so often.

    April's eyes started to close on her and she stifled a yawn. She lain her head on the window and drifted off to a quiet dream about her and her papa.

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