Blast from the Past

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Chapter 4: Blast from the Past

Midnight stood over Rebekah's coffin for what felt like hours. Every now and then she'd take a sip from the guard on watch, but stopped when she realized Rebekah would need it more than herself. Looking down at the woman she considered a sister, she couldn't help but notice how different she looked from her recently gained memories. Than again, over nine centuries had passed since then. The beautiful white flapper dress she wore was stained in gray blood, her face flushed the same color as well as the prominent veins running through her skin.

She couldn't even imagine what it must feel like to be daggered. You are stuck in between death and life, never being able to move from one to the other. It's a prison she hoped never to be stuck into.

Mid sighed, having become impatient waiting for the original vampire and decided to go back to Gloria's to wait. Giving one last glance at Rebekah, she turned and walked out of the warehouse, not before appointing the guard back onto his duty.

Having arrived at the bar, she entered just in time for Gloria to serve them some shot glasses and liquor. Well, at least her brother and Stefan. She, however, was handed a slightly larger glass and bourbon. Mid raised a brow at the witch, who only winked before walking away. Mid shrugged it off as she poured herself a glass, taking into factor that it may have been a favorite in her past life, as well.

"Grew impatient, sister?" Klaus taunted. Mid gave a cheeky smile.

"You know me, was never able to keep myself out of the fun," she answered. That's when she noticed that Stefan was quieter than usual, "You good, Stef?"

"No, I'm not okay, Midnight," Stefan snapped before turning to Klaus, "So, is this why you asked us to be your wing men? Because you liked the way we'd tag team and tortured innocent people?"

Klaus shrugged, pouring another shot, "Well, that's certainly half of it."

Mid raised a brow, "Well? What's the other half?"

"The other half, sister, is that you two used to want to be my wing men," Klaus explained, sliding the shot across the bar to Stefan, "Or, at least Stefan did. Midnight, however, you just loved the rush of the kill."

Midnight remained silent, not proving him otherwise.


"They're jealous," Stefan exclaimed as he slid a shot over to Klaus, who downed it instantly, "Your family wants you dead because they can never be what you are."

"What? An abomination?" Klaus frowned. Stefan slapped his back.

"No. A king."

They both looked at each other, before chuckling.

"Look at us," Klaus motioned to themselves, "Two sad orphans."

Stefan merely nodded, taking a sip from his drink as his eyes glided over to Silver who was chatting with Gloria, then to Rebekah who was watching him while chatting with another man.

Klaus took notice and leaned over to Stefan, "My sister fancies you, you know."

Stefan, knowing he spoke of Rebekah, merely nodded.

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