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Pen Your Pride

POTato Love

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Chapter 1: Just a Glance

  “Kiel! Kieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!” A loud scream can be heard from not a far. The voice was like sirens cry echoing back and forth to the horizon of the room. Kiel’s mother was haphazardly bashing through the room in which he was sleeping in and kicking the bed in which Kiel was happily resting. Bit by bit Kiel was slowly rising from his deep slumber after a long first day of final coaching for his upcoming board examination. He glanced at his phone to check the time and his heart pounded when he saw the time, it was already 8am the class in MOA (Mall of Argentina) he rummaged into his room prepared his clothes and run as fast as he can to take a shower; after he was done he put on the shirt from his review center “sword review center” he took a quick glance in the mirror checking if he looked good. As always Kiel had quite a big head paired by a messy and greasy hair he had a firm stand and was the type of guy that does not really care what happens, he was carefree facing any challenges that may arise that life would have to offer.

                Kiel hurried out of his messy room where mountain of clothes and trash can be seen from all the sides. Down the stairs he went and at the last step he tripped but was able to grab on the railing on the side and just brushed it off like it was nothing because he was late, HE WAS REAL LATE. Out the door he immediately looked for a cab so that he may at least get to MOA not that late. Finally after about 10mins of wait he finally got a cab and asked the driver to rummage through the street because he know he was late, and oh boy he was missing a lot of final coaching for his Pharmacy Licensure Examination that will be help in 3 days. He was already texting he’s friend from the review center asking that if they can save him a seat but everyone was busy and no one replied to the message. He was screwed.

                Kiel was catching his breath when he arrived in the building where the coaching was help. He run quite a distance because the taxi’s tire burst about a 1km from the building itself so the only thing that he was able to do was to run for his life pray to God he may be able to reach at least the main lessons for the day. Entering the room he noticed that he was in fact screwed, he did not have any seat to take that is near his classmate. Upon walking for a bit in the corridor he saw a seat inhabited by student from different campus of the review center and took the courage to take a sit and hence the  start of his class for the day.

                A few hours have passed and it was time for lunch. He saw some of his friends and yelled “Mont!, Ram! I told you guys to reserve me a sit what gives you made me seat all across the hallway and I feel so alone in that area what good friends are you” Mont replied “the hell it’s your problem you’re the punk that woke up late the hell do we care HAHAHAHAHA” Ram added “let’s just go ahead and get lunch we had a long lecture and we need coffee me and Mont were already sleeping in ours seats it is so BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING” the gang went to the nearest fast food restaurant and had a chow.

                Coming back he noticed a few students in the venue still trying to study and answer the assignments that they had in preparation for the Licensure Exam, others were taking the time to get some pictures taken with the reviewers namely Sir Barney and Sir Dela Cruz. While mesmerizing on how the students act taking pictures from there professors he noticed something not far. He saw this girl wearing black shirt with leggings. She was petite and a bit chubby from a distance. Slowly he came close hoping to get a better than glance and to his surprise he fell in love. He was overwhelmed from what he seen. It was like an angel that went down to earth just to captivate his heart. He’s heart pounded like he was having a heart attack. He was noticed by his friends Ram and Mont and was approached by them “Bro who are you checking out which among them?” said Mont, “What the hell stop you bastards I’m not checking out anyone I’m just simply having a look on our review mates hahaha” replied Kiel so the two went back to their seats and left Kiel stargazing if you may. Looking back at the girl Kiel mustered all his strength and courage to approach her to maybe get to know her, have a closer glance and maybe say hi. So with all that he mustered he slowly approached her and when he was about 5 feet away all the friend of the girl came to her and was laughing maniacally for a joke one of their friend cracked. “Damn” sad Kiel. He failed epicly and just plotted that maybe he can get to know her after the day was done.

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