"I love the rain. I love how it softens the outlines of things. The world becomes softly blurred, and I feel like I melt right into it."

- Unknown

Aviana looked like a woman defeated, a shadow of the girl she'd been

Aviana looked like a woman defeated, a shadow of the girl she'd been. Resigned to sit up against the wall of her cell because she had no other choice. But this was not who she truly was, this was who she was with no hope.

There was no chance on the horizon at redemption for what she had done. Only both sides of the battle against her, a revealed secret, and no one to know she was missing. She'd had but one friend in the galaxy, one whom she had lost during the entire ordeal. A friend that she had made by luck and through necessity. Aviana Solterra was, for all intensive purposes, useless to the Rebellion. A criminal no longer sliding under the radars. A traitor to the cause. An Imperial supporter.

While truth be told, none of this was correct, no one seemed to believe her when she said it. So she stopped trying to convince everyone that she was on their side. The Rebellion thought of her as a double-crosser, and there was nothing she could do to change their minds. That's what she thought as she sat there, in the dark.

She had defected from the Empire, placing herself on the list of felons. She had lied to the Rebels, categorising herself as a renegade there, as well. There was nowhere left to go. She had to face her consequences

Aviana stood up as the cell door was pushed open, revealing a very disgruntled Jyn.

"Well, you look happy," Aviana retorted sarcastically.

"Did you know? About my father?" Jyn asked.

"Yes," Aviana admitted. "Did Cassian actually do it?"

"No. But the rebellion did it for him. They bombed the platform he was on."

"I'm sorry, Jyn. I really am. I was always against it," Aviana said and meant it.

"We needed him," Jyn said.

"I'm sure we can manage without, right?" Aviana asked.

"There's a data centre on Scarif. The plans for the Death Star are there," Jyn explained.

"That's an imperial occupied planet. It's incredibly dangerous. Practically suicide. I can't even fathom the Alliance sending anyone there," Aviana said, running a hand through her hazel locks.

"That's why they won't. I already tried to convince them. They won't send anyone," Jyn said.

"And you want to go there without permission, don't you?" Aviana wondered aloud.

"I need your help," Jyn said.

"I would love to. But I'm not sure if you noticed, I'm considered a criminal to the Empire and a traitor to the Rebellion," Aviana said, motioning to the dark cell around her.

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