The Specialty Clubs

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Specialty Clubs: These clubs are for people who want to improve their writing, create covrs/trailers/icons for people, learn about what it's like to be an author (and more), hear about behind the scenes things from Wattpad, and/or connect with other members in discussion that doesn't fit any other category, these clubs are for you. You can join as many of the clubs as you want, there is no limit.

Improve your Writing: Writers: Do you want to improve your craft? The Improve Your Writing club is related to editing, writing and critiquing. From common grammatical errors that you see in someone's writing that you want to help them with, to finding another writer to collaborate with on a story, this is most definitely the club for you to do so!

Multimedia Designs: This club is for you to promise your skills as a budding artist. In this club, a Wattpad artist can help you create an original piece of cover art for your Wattpad book, or an awesome trailer for your book! You can also learn how to create your own designs. The Multimedia Designs club is a great place to start learning how to do that!

Industry Insider: In this club, writers can discuss the ins and outs of the publishing industry. Writers can also share your marketing ideas and share your tips for success in the writing industry!

Wattpad announcements: In this club, you can receive the latest news, updates, and on-goings within the community and team that is Wattpad! Check regularly to stay up-to-date with everything!

The Café: In The Café you can talk about things other than reading and writing. You can get to know each other in this club! This club houses all off-topic threads, games, and mini-clubs that do not fall into any of the other categories.

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