Elijah and Jay's mom

Blair's P.O.V

    I got out of the car. I'm nervous I haven't seen Elijah in a while. Last time I saw him I was turning twelve and he gave me the bracelet I wear everyday. I never take it off. You could say that I had a childhood crush on him, but he never saw me like that he only saw me as a little sister. I learned to conceal my feelings for him. His mother knows of our feelings she says that we were 'destined' to be together. I see Elijah run out. He hasn't changed a bit. I smile and sprint towards him tackling him. I see his lip twitch up a little before once again keeping a straight face.

    "Angelica,Elijah, and Peggy the ring leaders," I sang out remembering all the good times we have had together. Like that one time I forced him to do karaoke to Hamilton.. He turns around and his eyes widen.

     "Rose..."He trailed off looking right at Arden. Who's Rose? That's when I realize...they know each other. Arden speed walks up to Eli and hugs him. I just move aside letting them have their moment. I am pretty much giving Arden a death glare. I smirk because Eli isn't even hugging back,he just stands there deadpanning. Arden is sobbing all over Elijah.

     Bon walks over clearly annoyed and takes Arden's hand taking her inside the mansion. I realize that Jay was here the entire time I nod at him he nods back. Elijah is going back in but he stops. He turns around and takes my hand. We go to the third floor and into his room.It's all dark blue. A king size bed in the center. He let go of my hand and sat down on one of the bean bags he had in the corner. i sat down on the one next to his.

     "Blair what happened,"Eli looked down at me. I felt the tears in my eyes already. I was on the verge of breaking down. 

     "M-my dad g-got shot," Elijah immediately hugged me. His arms wrapping around me. I don't know how to feel about this. I try wiping away my tears but I can't move. Elijah moved my so that he was still hugging but I was on him.I wrapped my arms around him giving him a bone crushing hug. I let my tears soak into his shirt. All Eli did was hold me tighter.

      I've been crying for about a half an hour. I'm sleepy and can barely open my eyes. I shut my eyes one last time I feel someone kiss me.

     "Ti amo, ma non riesco a ti permettono di farti male," Someone whispered. They moved my hair behind my ear and walked away.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Senpai Has noticed you ;)

translation from Italian to english

Ti amo, ma non riesco a ti permettono di farti male: I love you, but I can't let you get hurt.

This chapter was mostly about Blair ans Elijah 'cause I low key ship them. Sorry it was short I'll update soon~





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