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I walked in on Namjoon ... naked, with a ... naked Kaori below him. Before I had time to process anything or even let out a scream of utter shock I felt a hand cover my eyes and mouth. Yoongi quietly dragged me away from the door and removed a hand from my eyes. I saw him close the door as quietly as he could.

"Oh ..." I trailed off awkwardly and felt my face heat up. What did I just see? I reached up and removed the hand from mouth to turn around. I felt like accusing him for what happened but my mouth couldn't seem to move.

The only thing I could think of was how thankful I was that they hadn't noticed me or else I would have been in trouble. Plus the awkwardness with Namjoon and Kaori would be tremendous.

I saw Yoongi raise his hand and bring it near my face causing me to flinch. The spur of the moment made me forget that I was running away from Yoongi because he seemed really angry. But instead of hurting me like I thought, he pressed his knuckles against my forehead.

"You're warm. Do you have a fever?" He asked looking directly into my eyes with concern. I realized I was still blushing from what I saw and pushed his hand away.

"No I'm embarrassed" I mumbled and looked away from his onyx orbs. I hadn't noticed how close our faces were, and no matter how many times he had kissed me, I still wasn't used to the close proximity.

He leaned forward, noticing my nervousness and the moment became intense ... until ... we heard the sounds of groaning and moaning. Both of us froze in our spots with wide eyes. Yoongi took control of the situation quickly, grabbed my hand and made a run for the nearest exit.

I was still so shocked by what was happening that I let him do it. Once we were far enough, he stopped and I bend down to catch my breath.

"Oh my god! That's going to stain my mind" I said in complete horror and face-palmed. I'm so stupid! Why did I not get out of there when I had the chance? It was already bad enough to see them naked... but to hear them as well. Gosh I want to kill myself.

"...pabo" He mumbled as watched me catch my breath.

"Who are you calling an idiot?" I asked with a frown "You're the one who loves chasing me. If it weren't for your anger management issues, we wouldn't have been in this situation!" I shouted at him.

Yoongi chuckled. "It's not my fault you're so cute when you're scared" He suddenly leaned forward and lifted my chin to make eye contact. Again, he took advantage of the moment and leaned forward, making my heart skip a beat.

I pushed him away as if catching on to the situation. "Will you quit it already? This is not the time!" I glared at his surprised face. He was not expecting me to have the courage to push him away.

"I'm so done with you and your fucking mysterious personality!" I said with gritted teeth as he stood frozen in his place. "You think you can keep me here against my wishes and use me whenever you want. You think scaring me is cute and go to the point where you actually hurt me!" I pointed at my neck.

"I don't get why you feel so happy by keeping me here, basically kidnapping me and my best friend leaving my mother all worried and alone in her house! Have you ever thought of how I feel about this?" I asked glaring at him.

"Do you even know how I felt about you stealing my first kiss? Do you know how scared I felt when you gave me this 'mate bite' that night? And you expect me to just give in and let you do whatever to me."

"Just once" I raised my index finger "Just give me one explanation so my life actually makes sense so I don't feel confused, hurt, scared and shocked all the time" I screamed at him. I turned around swiftly and marched up to one of the doors, went in and slammed it shut behind me.

That's it. I let it all out on him. He has to know that there is a limit to everything. That guy needs a therapist.

I locked the door behind me and slid down the door, pulling my knees to my chest and burying my head into them. I started crying and sobbing, letting all my emotions out. I miss my mother, I miss my home and most of all I miss my old life.

No matter how boring it was, I don't want to live here anymore. I hate how I can't get any answers or explanations. I know everyone already knows the whole situation. I can see it in their eyes, I can see it in Mijoo's eyes.

It's like no one would tell me their secret because I'm a little girl. As if I would spill it out to one of my friends.

I let the tears spill from my eyes and let myself calm down. Soon I heard footsteps and thought that Yoongi finally left. Wiping my tears, I got up and looked around the room. It looked like a guest room as the bed was neatly made and it had no sort of personal belongings in the closet or drawers.

I got under the covers, not really caring if anyone would mind and lay down on the comfy bed. Now that I was alone and away from that awful human being I started thinking about random things.

I felt safe and calm; alone in a room. Soon, I felt my eyes closing and fell asleep.

3rd person P.O.V

Yoongi stood shocked. He didn't expect for Hyemi to become this frustrated. He knew that he had pushed her to her limit and messed up. 'I guess it's right for her to react that way' Yoongi thought, still standing where she left him.

He heard her crying on the other side of the door and felt the urge to comfort her and hold her in his arms but refused. She had made it clear that she didn't want to see him anymore and if he went in there, she would freak out again.

He sighed and reluctantly walked away from the guest room. Maybe it was best if he gave her some time to think. Yoongi walked into the living room where almost everyone sat except Namjoon, Kaori and Hyemi.

He took a seat beside J-hope and sighed, catching everyone's attention. "Where's Hyemi?" Mijoo spoke from her place beside Jimin. As soon as she noticed Yoongi, it was the first question that popped into her head.

She was playing Mario cart with Taehyung and beat him causing him to groan like a baby. However she didn't pay attention and looked at Yoongi curiously. "Yeah where is she?" Hara asked in concern.

"Locked herself in a room" Yoongi mumbled in annoyance, leaning his cheek on his knuckles. J-hope chuckled while Mijoo cheered, obviously rooting for her best friend.

"Is it because you were going to take her to your room again?" Jungkook asked, joining the conversation. Yoongi sighed again.

"She wants to know why I kidnapped her" He spoke, staring at the screen blankly.

"Well then tell her" Jin said from beside Hara. His arm was on her shoulder. The room looked like it had a bunch of teenagers hanging around because they were bored.

"Yeah" J-hope said throwing his arm around Yoongi cheerfully. "There's no point in hiding it anymore. Jimin told Mijoo and she handled it really well" He pointed at the couple who were fighting over the controller.

Yoongi sighed yet again. "I want to but I don't how she'll react" He said. "But I'll think about it" he finished.

"Yay now cheer up and stop sighing. You seriously look like an old man" Hobi said happily. Taehyung turned around from the screen and looked at Jimin.

"See! I told you he was the grandpa" He said pointing at Yoongi with a cheeky smile. Yoongi threw a cushion at him while the others laughed.

 Yoongi threw a cushion at him while the others laughed

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