Eric Adams

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 It was a very scary thought. I was suddenly facing the fact that i would soon have to pack my things and leave my comfortable 3 story home. My mother had recently gone threw a very horrible divorce and decided that the best way to end it, was to secretly leave. No matter what protesting me and my sister did, my mother had ultimately decided that we were to leave our home of Newark New Jersey, and move to the more southern state of Georgia. Why?

   Why, did we have to leave just because she couldn't handle the divorce. She was forcing me to leave all of my friends, our family, our beautiful three story modern home, my school, it just wasn't fair. But she didn't care, and the next thing I knew I was boarding flight "763 non-stop to Atlanta". We arrived in Atlanta, Georgia at around midnight, the weather was very warm, which is something I wasn't particularly used to considering that I lived in one of the coldest states on the east coast. 30 minutes later, a blue Camry pulled up to the airport. A woman, who I now knew as my aunt came out the car. My aunt was very tall,but her big boned body balanced her out. She had brown almond shaped eyes that greatly resembled mine. My mother ran up and greeted her, my sister and I slowly walked behind my mother, and gave our aunt a slight smile and a kiss on the cheek. Our aunt opened the door to the car and told us to hop in. The car was hideous and I was embarrassed to be seen in it but I had no choice and got in it. Our aunt drove us to a large apartment complex called Widows Lake. When we arrived at our apartment, 104, she jumped out and told my mother that this was our new home. The apartment was a peach color and came pre-furnished. The couches and the rugs were all a pearl white color, but didn't stand out as much as the zebra striped coffee tabled placed right in the middle. My room was extremely small and almost felt like a jail, it had the same pearl color walls, and came with one small blue bed in the middle of the room. I went from a 3 story house to a jail room just like that. Our aunt gave my mom the apartment keys, the car, and 400 dollars as a welcome to Georgia gift. My mom still had the cell phone that my dad got her so that and our house phone became our only form of communication. The cell phone rang, and my mom went into her room, hoping that we wouldn't hear her screaming. Unfortunately this big move that my sister and I endured, didn't end the divorce. I guess my mother didn't think about what would happen when our father came home and realized that we were gone. My sister and I couldn't deal with that though, as we were starting our first day of school Tomorrow.

   When my mom made us leave New Jersey, she took only us and a couple of standard house and school supplies. None of our brand name clothes, our rather new at the time game consoles, no shoes, or books, just us, which meant that we were going to school with very cheap clothes. Most of the clothes that we could manage to afford were from GoodWill but, if we were lucky we could get a couple things from Walmart which for us was like shopping at Macy's.

   I was starting my first day as life as a 10th grader, but because I was already about 3 weeks late, I was overly stressed. My sister didn't really have as much stress as I did because she was a very sociable person, and was a senior, which meant that when the year ended she could leave. To deal with the stress I decided to sneak out of the house and walk to the nearest liquor store. I stole about 50 dollars out of my moms purse and I went crazy. Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila, Wine, and a 6 pack of beer. Who knew that a fake New Jersey I.D works perfectly in Georgia, and plus alcohol was supposed to loosen you up. I needed that.

   I tried to dress as nice as I could so i didn't have to show people how poor I was. I wore a nice plain red shirt, with faded black pants, with a pair of black and white 4 year old Nike's that was one of the 4 extremely used shoes that our new church gave me. I got up and looked in the mirror, I picked up my brush and painfully tried to brush then comb my hair. While doing so I saw something that amazed me, my reflection. Instead of the well dressed, handsome kid that I always was told I was. I just saw a tall, chubby, light skinned child, with extremely nappy hair, that I was afraid to comb. I no longer felt happy, and handsome, which I am used to feeling. I just felt disgusting and depressed. My insecurities were at a startling all time high,I had to do something.  I took out a couple of the beers that I bought, and had no mercy. Alcohol makes you feel better, right? It loosens you up. I shoved the bottles under my bed and sat back down. Even though the alcohol helped, i still felt weak, I couldn't do it, i just felt like breaking down and going back to sleep, but my mother wouldn't have that.

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