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Why do I think this will be the easiest story to write. This is gonna be like a overview of everything.

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Third Person Point Of View

When you're born, you're born with a soulmate, everyone has one. Different ages, different places. But still soulmates. You tend to get what they get on them. If they got a tattoo then you'd end up with a tattoo and have to mysteriously encode it. What happens when Luke somehow has new tattoos and bruises all over his body?

Luke woke up one morning to a sharp pain in his ribs. He didn't know what was happening and screamed, running to his moms room. That's when it all started. The pain started when he was five years old. It started as little bumps, then escalated horribly. It varied from pain everywhere to small little bruises that littered his skin. He felt the pain of it all and had his mom explain it to him. She thought he'd been getting bullied, but he never did; he was the kid who was cute and popular at a young age. The socialite. His mother then explained that his soulmate was going through a tough time and some stuff was happening to them.

Luke eventually grew accustomed to waking up with new bruises and although he hated to feel the pain, he imagined how much worse it'd be for his soulmate. He always looked for girls with bruises that matched his. Unfortunately, he never found one.

"Hey Luke!" Calum, his best friend said to him, motioning for him to come over while he cuddled Ashton, his soulmate. The pair made Luke extremely envious. Not because they were in love, but because Calum found his soulmate first and he was envious of the happiness that the couple had.

Luke, looking down at his thumbs that he had started to twiddle with, saw a tattoo with a X on his thumb. He also had seen cuts start to grow on his knuckles. As if Luke's soulmate started fighting back finally instead of only receiving the beating. He felt a glimmer of pride in him that his soulmate started to defend themselves. Afterwards, he sat on the table and whimpered when he heard a crack, it then got harder to breathe. Calum and Ashton looked over worriedly at Luke, wondering what was happening to him at the moment. Luke grabbed the table in a terrible pain. The couple looked at each other knowing they had to do something about it. They both picked Luke up and brought him to the nurse, hating how their best friend was hurting, but nothing was as bad as the pain his soulmate would've been feeling.

    Meanwhile, Michael was getting his daily beating by Robbie, Kyle, and Nick. He always got beat because he's is gay and feminine and liked to dress up and feel pretty. He came out at an early age and his mom was so excited because she always wanted a girl. His father was never supportive of it but he accepted it because it made Karen happy. All of that happiness left him when Karen died on a head on collision accident. Bruce then resorted to using alcohol to ease the pain. He then started to abuse Michael, causing all of these bruises on him. If that wasn't enough, it was both physical, and emotional pain. He'd be bullied daily at school and no one would help him or even try, in fear they'd be bullied too. Everyone was a bystander because, if he was getting the beating; he probably deserved it.

    Luke now just getting home from school saw his mom and smiled weakly at her. She was used to it now, him getting sent home. The school couldn't do anything about it because it wasn't his fault they could feel their soulmates pain. Luke felt that he knew his soulmate felt bad for him and tried to fight back. He hoped his soulmate was okay and that she was fine. He hoped that everything will eventually go good for her in her life. Luke lied down on his bed and sighed hoping this would be all over soon and that they'd be happy. His mother used to tell him stories of how good everything'd be when you came to your soulmate.

'Oh Lukey, when you meet your soulmate it's such a special moment in your life.' She said and smiled, her eyes twinkling.

'When you meet them, you're going to feel such a peace and kindness with them. You're going to be able to tell them anything and everything without any hesitation. You're going to have everything fall into place as time goes on and the bond that grows with them the love does as well. You'll feel safe, like they're a stronghold and you're the one being protected by them and would do anything within reason for them. You just can't control yourself when it comes to them. Them getting hurt seems to hurt you worse than it does them. It's not just because you feel the pain, it's gonna be a close connection in general. When you meet, everything negative seems to fade and just go away. That's how I met your father. We were both going through a tough time and had pretended to be okay. I had just moved away and started college here, surprisingly your father lived in the boys dorms. We bumped into each other and he crashed me with his dumb scooter he used to have everywhere. He was a rich people pleaser and I was a poor girl from the slums who'd never had the time or chance to leave the godforsaken town I was in. Everything seemed to click and we made the best of it. We started out as friends and didn't even know we were soulmates until it truly made sense. We went to a party one of our mutual friends invited us to. We went but everyone knew we were soulmates except us. They forced us to play spin the bottle, turns out they put a little magnet in the bottle and one in his pocket. I spun it and it landed on him. I truly felt for him when we kissed. It didn't sound like how the books and movies do, it was a kiss that made me feel very calm and amazed at how much I could ever like a person. That was when I knew I'd be with your father for the rest of my life. And even now he still gives me that feeling of calmness and serenity.'

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