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Song: Francis Lai- Love Story


Awoken from the brightness and cold I was shocked to see two girls aged about 16 staring back at me with a creepy expression. What on earth? 

"Hi Luna, I'm Lucy, and this is" the first girl started off with a bright smile,

"Shineah but you can call me Shiny," the second girl grumbled as if she didn't want to be here. How nice. 

"Hi... I'm Phoebe and you can call me Bee," I stood up to give them a hug and they accepted. "I'm guessing your Alpha sent you to get me ready for the meeting?" Lucy nodded enthusiastically as Shiny-not so shinily- agreed to roll her eyes. "Well then, let me freshen up then we can get started," I quickly did my business then came out to see Aaron speaking to the girls.

"Do not let her out of your site got it?" He ordered, "I'm sure I won't be going anywhere, knowing you'll drag me back." He turned sheepishly coughing. Weird. "Whatever. Dress nice, you're expected to be the prestige looking Luna out there, don't disappoint me," I sighed frustrated by his behaviour. 

"Oh, don't worry, I'm sure I'd be the one looking like trash, at least then I'll reach your standards," I smiled sarcastically as the two girls tried to hide their smile. 

He bitterly growled then left slamming the door. 

The two girls couldn't help themselves and cracked up laughing holding their tummy. "O-Oh, my gosh Bee, You're the first person we've ever seen speaking to Alpha like that if anyone else had then... His/her head would be on the floor." Damn, is he violent much? 

"I gotta say, you're pretty cool- but you didn't hear this from me!" Shiny called out. 

"Don't worry, he deserved it." After our laugh, they had gotten me ready.


Wow. Looking like a princess would be an understatement. Lucy and Shiny transformed me onto a Queen, Aaron's queen. Shiny had a talent of doing henna and picking the right dress as Lucy had done my makeup, hair and picked the right shoes and diamond choker necklace. They had both told me not to bother with picking any bracelets as it was too 'dull' so Shiny had very beautifully drawn a white henna design on my hand to my elbow. 

"Thank you guys so much! You guys should like, I don't know, open a fashion blog or something, I look amazing all thanks to you," I hugged them both tightly as they struggled to breathe. 

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