Chapter 34 (Zoe) - Back To The Future

I got dressed on Saturday and spent ages on my hair and make-up. It had been a while since I'd gone out, due to my body's recent appearance, but I was determined not to let that stop me tonight. I spent a while staring at my right arm. The burns were still visible but hopefully it'd be too dark for them to be obvious. I applied red lipstick and was amazed at how much older I looked. When I went to pick up Rick, he showed his appreciation.  

"Don't kiss me," I said, leaning back. "You'll smudge my lipstick." 

He laughed and kissed my cheek instead. "You look sensational." His hands rested on my hips as his eyes raked all over my body. "It's so wrong that even though you look great in that dress, all I want to do is take it off you." 

His hands slid around my thighs as my heartbeat sped up; he'd discover my stockings soon.  

"You don't have to wear tights, Zo," he said, his hands sliding under my dress now. "Your legs are..." he faded away as his fingers came into contact with flesh. He frowned and gently pulled up my dress. His eyes widened. "Oh, fuck, Zoë." 

"What?" I asked innocently.  

"Believe me when I say I have never wanted to fuck you so bad. Come on, we've got ten minutes." 

"No way!" I laughed. "Rick, I spent ages on my hair and make-up!" 

He pressed me against the wall. "Here then," he murmured into my neck, his pelvis digging into mine. "And I promise I won't mess up your hair." 

"No," I told him firmly. "We're leaving now. You can fuck me when we get back." 

"Promise?" he asked, pouting slightly.  

"Don't be such a child." 

"Trust me; I am certainly not thinking like a child. I'm thinking about how much I want to ravish every single inch of your body-" 

"Stop it," I scolded.  

"Oh I'm I turning you on? I bet that sucks." 

I smirked. "Come on. Let's go." 

We were one of the first there so we headed to the bar for a drink. The place slowly began to fill up but not many people were dancing yet. I guess nobody was drunk enough and it was always awkward to be the first person on the dance-floor. Addie came to sit beside me.  

"You look great," I grinned at her. And she did. I briefly wondered what Zach would think if he turned up tonight.  

"And you sound drunk," she smirked, ordering herself a vodka and coke.  

I was just beginning to enjoy myself when I saw Scott enter. He was with a woman. I didn't recognise her and tried to stop myself jumping to the immediate conclusion that they were dating. I ordered a stronger drink and immerged myself in conversation with Rick, in attempt to forget about it.  

"You know, this is like the time when we first met." 

"Oh yeah. When you threw yourself at me," he replied.  

"No. I threw myself at a random man who just happened to be you." 

Addie soon hit the dance-floor with Seth and, drunk as I was, I began to get wary of how much Rick was drinking. I'd been drinking a lot, but he'd had almost double. I knew men could handle more alcohol, but surely there came a point where that stopped being an accurate gauge. He shuffled closer to me, his hand on my knee.  

"Can we leave yet?" he murmured in my ear.  

"We haven't even danced yet," I smiled back.  

"Well, let's dance then. I just can't sit here and watch you sitting there all fuck-able when I'm not allowed to touch you." 

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