The next day Scott, Stiles, and I walk into the school together.

"It's going to be impossible you know." Scott says.

We were talking about him getting Allison's necklace.

"Just ask her if you can borrow it," Stiles says.

"How?" Scott asks.

"It's easy," Stiles starts, "Just say Allison, can I borrow your necklace? To see if there's anything on it, or in it. That could lead me to an alpha werewolf, that I need to kill in order to get back together with you."

I roll my eyes at him. "Not helping," I say.

"Abigail, you're her sister, can't you get it from her?"

"She's not even talking to me because I still talk to you." I state. "Why don't you just talk to her."

"She won't talk to me. What is she like takes it off in the shower?"

"That's why you ease back into it, okay. Get back on get side, remind her of the good times, and then you'll ask her for the necklace." I tell him.

He stands there for a while.

Stiles smacks him on the arm. "You're thinking about her in the shower, aren't you."


"Stay focused, okay. Get the necklace, get the alpha, get cured, get Allison back, in that order, got it?"

Stiles and I walk off.

"Do you really think he can do it?" I ask Stiles.

"I have 10% hope he'll get the necklace."

Soon my phone buzzes.

"I have to go," I tell Stiles.

"But we have this next class together."

"Tell the teacher I'm not feeling good."

I walk to the front of the school and see Jackson's Porsche ready to pick me up.

"What's going on?" I ask him as I get in the car.

"At the checkup for my neck, they found traces of wolfsbane."

He drives to the hospital.

"Why are we here and why did you pick me up just to come back to the hospital."

"You'll see."

He stops at Mrs. McCall's computer.

"Hi," Mrs McCall says.

"Hey, um, would you mind if I look something up on your computer real quick?"

"I bet a handsome face like that, doesn't hear no very often." She says and then she sees me. "Aren't you one of Scott's friends?"

Jackson looks at me and then at Mrs. McCall. "Yeah, they're good friends actually."

"Yeah?" Mrs. McCall asks looking at me.

"Yeah," I say.

Mrs. McCall looks around to make sure nobody was looking out way. "Okay," She says.

Jackson gets on her computer and I wait behind the counter.

He quickly gets off the computer and we leave.

"What's you look up?" I ask seeing the smug grin on Jackson's face.

"Scott's a werewolf."


Jackson drives us back to school.

"So Scott is a werewolf," I say awkwardly.


"How do you know?"

"I really don't want to get into details about it, but the only thing that matters is I know that he's been lying to everyone."

We finally get to the school and he jumps out of the car and walks off before I can even open the door.

"Jackson where are you going?" I shout.

"Just follow me!" He says, "and try to keep up."

I quickly ran to catch up to him.

Jackson walks up to Scott who was at his locker.

"I know what you are," Jackson says to Scott.

Scott looks at me and then quickly at Jackson.

"Sorry, I uh, have no idea what you're talking about."

"Yeah, yeah you do. And uh, here's the thing, however it is you came to be who you are uh, you're gonna get it for me to," Jackson says.

"Get what for you?" Scott asks. I listen to Scott's heartbeat and I can tell he's nervous.

"Whatever it is. A bite, a scratch, sniffing magic fairy dust under the moonlight, I don't care, you're gonna get it for me. Or uh," Jackson turns Scott's head to Allison. "She's gonna find out about it too."

Jackson walks away and his eyes land on me. I could feel Scott stating at me, so I look at him helplessly.

"Did you tell him?" Scott asks walking towards me.

"Why would I tell him Scott."

"I don't maybe it's because you're in love with him."

"Woah, are you serious right now!" I yell.

"I'm surprised you haven't told your dad yet, you are supposed to be daddy's little girl."

"Scott!" I shout as he starts to walk away.

He turns around.

"Let me explain!"

"No, now I know where your loyalties lie."


I get in my dad's red Tahoe after school.

"I'm taking you to the woods," My dad says.

"Dad, what if I don't want to be a hunter anymore."

"Why would you say that."

"It's just so much. It's kind of ruining my life right now."

My dad pulls the car over.

"Abigail, you have gotten us so far looking for the alpha. We need you."

"I just feel like you dragged me into this whole hunting thing."

"Say you don't want to hunt and I will take you home."

I sat there. I didn't say anything I just look out the front windshield.

My dad takes the car out of park and starts driving to the woods.


Hope you enjoyed this chapter sorry for not updating in a while. I've been at basketball games cheering. There will be more games so I might not be able to update often because my team is regional champs do now we go to area.

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