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Raphelle's POV:

I flew up the stairs taking them two at a time, I locked the door, not wanting to her my Dad's voice calling me back, I plugged in my iPod and listened to 'Domino by Jessie J''.  I started dancing around singing loudly,

"Dirty dancing in the moonlight, take me down like I'm a domino!" I jumped around a bit just for the fun of it. Little did I know that this would infuriated my Dad more as he banged on my bedroom door so loudly that I could hear it over my very loud Jessie J music. I put it on pause and opened the door with an innocent look on my face,

"Yes Dad?" I couldn't help grinning.

"Don't you 'Yes Dad' me and take that innocent look off your face or I will have to slap it off." he said bluntly. "You know why I came up here and that was to?"

"To slap me?" I asked acting dumb on purpose.

"You really want aggravate me, don't you?"

"No, Daddy," I said innocently, "I'm sorry and I will take my punishment because I deserve it." Usually this butters him up and he lets me off.

"You're right, you will take it." He said enjoying this. "Now get started on your homework and I don't want to her any music at all. Or else."  He grinned and went down this stairs whistling a happy tune.

Well that went well.

I shut the door, sat down on my bed and pulled out all of my homework from my red McKenzie bag. English, Art, Maths and Biology.


I had opened my English and started scribbling down some answers when my pocket buzzed.

My phone.

I checked the messages, 1 from Camille. I opened it and read it,

Serious news. I want to tell you, face to face. Come round mine.

I sighed and texted back,

Can't. I'm stuck inside doing homework. I was busted by my Dad.

I sent the message and got back to my homework. I quickly glanced at the time,


This is gonna be a tiring day.


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