Tony Stark - Why Are You Doing This?

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Starks POV

I stared at the young girl in front of me while wondering how I had gotten into this predicament. I am currently chained to a wall with a gun pointed in my direction.

Her eyes sink deep into her face and the bloodshot that took residence in them made them stand out. I stared into her dull eyes, hoping to make some kind of connection with her. Hoping she would feel some kind of sympathy or regret for her actions. The rest of the team spoke to me through my earpiece, but even they couldn't help me right now.

"Tony, start stalling. Get her to talk." Bruce's voice finally spoke up.

"The bad guy always loves to talk." Natasha chuckled.

I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of the idea before. By the time she gets done with her silly speech about the reason she's evil and how she's going to take over the world the team will be here. I smirked inwardly at the fantastic plan and prepped myself for a long, boring speech.

"Well, since I am as good as dead, tell me this: Why are you doing this?" I let curiosity seep through my voice, we could use this information at a later date. A sadistic smile covered her face and something actually flashed through the dull color of her eyes. I smirked inwardly to myself as I saw the look on her face. This is the question she's been waiting for. This is why she hasn't shot me yet.

What I didn't expect is what actually happened. I heard the shot of a gun and everything went into slow motion. I saw the bullet slowly moving towards me and I knew there was nothing I could to stop it. Everyone heard the gun shot and my earpiece was going crazy with all of them trying to talk and ask what happened. I looked to the girl, who I didn't even know the name of, her head tilted slightly as she watched the bullet fly in satisfaction. I thought about all of the things I did wrong, the things I did right, and if there was anyway I could've kept this from happening. My thoughts were soon interrupted by the bullet tearing through my abdomen. I dropped to my knees and looked up at her.

"Who says I need a reason to be bad?" She said as she kneeled down to meet my eyes. "Maybe I just feel like it."

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